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How the software vendor Cross Strategies GmbH has implemented an efficient and highly scalable ordering process for AgenaTrader.
With the oneclick™ Virtual Desktops and the VDI packages we have developed two new concepts to provide infrastructure for our customers.
With the new streaming protocol, graphics-intensive CAD or 3D applications can now be operated smoothly via the browser without a client or plug-in.
Docker allows developers to install everything required to create, deploy, and run a service or application in one container.
Kubernetes is a portable, extendable, and scalable open-source container cluster management solution. Read on for a closer look at Kubernetes.
By simplifying the use of SaaS, IaaS and PaaS, Everything as a Service (XaaS) abstracts all the issues that a team of cloud engineers would need to solve.
More and more capital is needed to keep up with the latest technology. The use of a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) can be an alternative.
If you want to know more about Cloud or Cloud Computing and how they can be put to good use in your business, you can read more about it in this article.
Multi-tenant capability - Functional Principle, Cost-Effectiveness, Practical Application ✓ Definition ✓ Distinctions ✓ Data Security ► Read more now!
The habits and demands of tourists are changing. For this reason, the cloud in tourism is increasing, especially to keep pace with the pressure to innovate.
The term 'e-Government‘ describes the cloud’s entry into the public sector. Here you can discover what tomorrow’s administration will look like.
Find out here what’s behind the terms SaaSify or SaaSification and how software vendors and end users benefit from the conversion.
An application overview of cloud solutions for businesses ✓ What does "Cloud Solution" mean? ✓ From E-Commerce to Internet-of-Things ► Read on!
You can discover here how the cloud in schools revolutionises education processes and find out more about inspiring case studies.
The private cloud provides exclusive services to one company ✓ Definition ✓ Advantages & Disadvantages ✓ Applications ► Read on!

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