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Cloud in Schools – Digital Education

New technologies characterise our knowledge society – and therefore also shape our education landscape. The cloud offers enormous potential for innovative types of learning and teaching in schools. You can discover here how the cloud revolutionises education processes and find out more about inspiring case studies:

Prepare lessons, correct exams, discussions with parents, paperwork – and “besides” also be a mentor and boss for several dozens of children and young people. The expectations of teachers are high and varied. However, thanks to innovative technologies, many daily tasks can be designed to be simpler, quicker and more intuitive. We show you how:

Cloud in Schools

Cloud in Schools: Technologies are Part of Curriculum

The cloud not only simplifies the daily work of teachers and creates new learning opportunities, but the use of new technologies is even embedded in the curriculum. For example in the  Bavarian curriculum it states that pupils are to receive media education “to act appropriately, self-determinedly and responsibly in a multi-media influenced society”. Education policy has already recognised the importance of digital media – and school is to prepare young people for life in the digitalised world. Therefore, it is time to fully utilise technologies in the classroom in the best possible way!

Cloud in Schools as a versatile Organisational Tool for Teachers

Every teacher knows: The work isn’t done simply by teaching. Thanks to cloud computing, parents‘ letters, documentation, student lists etc. can be saved centrally in the cloud and accessed completely paperless from anywhere and at any time. Teachers can also release these materials for other authorised persons. For example, parents can get access to documents that relate to their child, or the organisation of the school field trip can be shared with colleagues via the cloud and completed together.

Cloud in Schools as an Organisational Tool

Still a big problem in German schools: Often there is no money for technical equipment and IT staff. Therefore, many schools retain impractical, and unattractive computer rooms, which in practice are only taken care of by one teacher in their spare time. By using the cloud in schools, it is also possible to use private devices for learning and teaching. 99% of German pupils own a smartphone (JIM study 2018), thanks to Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) every classroom can be digitalised in an instant – intuitive, unbureaucratic and practically free of charge.

Learning Success and Motivation through Digital Education

A farewell to pen, writing pad and books as the main classroom tools. The cloud offers unlimited possibilities for intuitive learning and motivating learning tasks: from filing of materials in the virtual school bag, inspiring group projects, chatting with a partner class in another school, up to interactive exercises, educational games and software. At the same time children and young people learn important competencies regarding the use of technologies in a digitalised world. The cloud in schools presents unlimited possibilities of learning and teaching as well as students’ motivation and learning success since the learning provision is more tailored and versatile than ever before.

Digital Education - Learning Success and Motivation

Digital Education – the Complete Solution by oneclickTM for School 2030

The digital workspaces of oneclick™ offer a complete solution for cloud use in schools and digital education. oneclick™ is the central platform (Platform-as-a-Service) for the secure provision of web apps, native applications, desktops and data from different environments in individual workspaces in the browser. In the context of schools, this means that a teacher or a school can set up a platform for a class or the entire school with learning apps, content and documents as well as tools (Excel, Word, image editing etc.). Students can then access these at any time from anywhere using any device. This offers numerous application options and advantages, some of which we have summarised below:


  • oneclick is a Microsoft Authorized Education Partner: Microsoft products are sold at a discounted price to qualified users from the education sector, students thus become familiar with basic IT programmes
  • Student profiles are set-up within seconds
  • Apps are delivered in a simple way and with only a few clicks they can be allocated to a new class in the next school year; there is no need for installation of programmes on end devices
  • Students access the teaching contents at any time, independent of their location and with any device – at school or from home
  • Distribute your worksheets digitally to the class with the oneclick™ Drive, an own cloud storage can be allocated to every student and these storages can be integrated
  • Simple, secure BYOD in the class room
  • Unique opportunity for cooperation, also with partner classes in your own country and abroad
  • Security architecture of the highest level, shadow IT is prevented
  • 100% data protection, sensitive data remains on the local server
  • Low latency, even with low bandwidth, lesson time can be used effectively




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