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Working 2030 – How Employees form the Future

Digitalisation, globalisation and demographic change will lead to drastic changes to working in 2030 and beyond. In our article “Workspace of the Future“ we described which three steps need to be observed when introducing a modern workspace. In this article we look at how employees will form the future. Work-life-balance and a blurring between leisure […]

What is a Public Cloud?

The public cloud makes an IT infrastructure accessible via the internet ✓ Definition ✓ Advantages & Disadvantages ✓ Applications ► Read on!

Digital Stress

Digitalisation brings many wonderful innovations, but how are employees doing when using modern technology? Here you can discover how so-called digital stress occurs.

Big Data

Complex data volumes of big data present particular challenges for storage and processing: ✓ Definition ✓ Cloud ► Read on!

Web Applications

SaaS Solution in the Form of Web Applications ✓ Definition ✓ Technical Set-up ✓ Application Flow ✓ Separations ► Read on!

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