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How to Manage Resources

Software updates directly out of oneclick™

The imaging feature shortens the rollout of software updates to multiple instances. You can maintain your system on one virtual machine and replicate it as often as you like. Rebooting from a golden image regularly eliminates possible attacker backdoors, as well as user and operating system errors.

Load balancing and autoscaling (Cloud) resources

The oneclick™ Load Balancing intelligently distributes users to the available resources. You can also use the feature to shift peak loads from your on-premises environment to the cloud. Autoscaling dynamically spins up and down virtual machines based on user access or at specified times.

Automated execution of Windows tasks

Using Ansible and the WinRM interface, oneclick™ can communicate with any connected server and execute Windows tasks automatically. You can automate individual tasks or an entire process of multiple, concatenated tasks through a simple graphical interface. Via event profiles you define the execution time.

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