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100% web-based remote access to CAD / 3D applications

With the new intelligent streaming protocol from oneclick™, graphics-intensive applications, e.g. 3D or CAD applications, can now be operated smoothly via the browser without a client or plug-in.
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The introduction of a greatly improved streaming protocol marks a milestone in the further development of the oneclick™ platform for the provision of digital workspaces. The new release raises the performance for remote work to a new level. Using intelligent algorithms, the transmission rates for streaming of centrally hosted applications are optimised in such a way that users always receive the best image quality at the lowest possible bandwidth when accessing the platform via browser. During a session, the bandwidth and frame rate are continuously adapted to the internet connection and the performance of the client computer. The transmission of moving images is handled entirely as video via WebRTC, while a PNG is additionally used to sharpen the image as soon as the image content is static for a short time.

Pascal Poschenrieder explains the new streaming technology with which 3D applications can be operated smoothly via the browser.

“We have supplemented our proven streaming procedure with a new basic technology, which is also used in Google’s Stadia project for cloud gaming, among others”, explains Pascal Poschenrieder, CTO of oneclick AG. “With the combined result, up to 60 frames per second can now be transmitted via the internet. Compared to the usual network protocols on the market, we can thus reduce the bandwidth for streaming a Full HD video from 50 Mbit to 2 Mbit per user without any noticeable loss of quality. Our intelligent mechanism means for companies that up to 25 times more employees can work from a connected external location over the same internet connection. Because the oneclick™ platform does all rendering in the cloud, there is no need for specially equipped and expensive workstations to work with CAD / 3D applications anymore. The remote access works 100% web-based”.

The worldwide users of the oneclick™ platform benefit from a latency reduction of up to 30% through the improvement of the streaming protocol. “It feels as if the software has been installed directly on the user’s own computer,” say the mobile employees of Vivid FM, a US-based provider of independent asset management and financial advice, for example. The British London Doctors Clinic with 17 locations has outsourced part of its value chain to India and is impressed by the speed.