2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Desktop as a Service

On a mission to simplify application deployment

oneclick™ delivers everything you need to deploy software applications in an easy-to-use, modular platform: Orchestration of (cloud) infrastructure, automated software installation and updates, secure remote access for users as well as tools for training and collaboration.

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Work securely and device-independently from anywhere

A promising market environment

With our Application Deployment Platform, we are in strongly growing markets with a high business value and a positive investment strategy, according to analysts.

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annual growth

Key Market Drivers: Remote work 5G Technology employee experience Simple configuration outsourcing subscription-based models adaption of cloud computing variable costs in uncertain times protection from cyber threats moderization of legacy IT BYOD Artificial Intelligence * According to Gartner, Forrester and other analysts

We are oneclick

A strong product comes from a strong team. And it’s the mix that counts. From career starters to dedicated directors to experienced board members and financial investors: Everyone works with full commitment on the continuous further development of our modern workplace technology.

Going global and gaining market share

Founded in 2015 the idea for oneclick™ originated from a personally experienced challenge of making software applications easily, quickly and securely available to distributed staff. Today we are operating from international locations and are continuously gaining market share.

Build your job at oneclick

At oneclick you work together with great colleagues in an appreciative environment with maximum flexibility to bring in and further develop your talents and personality. We offer flexible workplace models that fit your preferred lifestyle.


Diversity, equity and inclusion

We promote fair and equal treatment of all people. For this purpose, we sensitize and inform our employees and managers in regular discussions and training sessions. We pursue a culture of open communication based on partnership. Our recruitment, selection, promotion and assessment aims to reduce unconscious bias and improve equal opportunities.

Reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions

We regularly analyze the key environmental impacts of our actions in the areas of energy, water, waste, emissions and raw materials. We have developed a clear vision that reflects our long-term sustainability ambitions. Until 2030 we want to reduce energy consumption in the use of cloud-based resources and CO2 emissions by 50%.

Do you have any other questions?

We are always keen to discuss your IT challenge. Just contact us and we will get back to you.