Gartner® Predicts 2024: build a sustainable and collaborative digital workplace infrastructure

Our employees take digital workplaces to the next level – for our customers and partners

We are open-minded, reliable, work transparently and respectfully. We shape our company responsibly. We empower our customers and partners to reach the next level of modern workplaces. We are oneclick.

Management Team

Our experienced management defines the business goals and develops strategies together with all stakeholders to be successful with our platform for the deployment of digital workplaces.

Dominik Birgelen


Dominik Birgelen has a clear vision for our company and works hard to achieve it. He communicates effectively with his employees, customers and stakeholders. Dominik Birgelen takes responsibility and is always looking for new ideas and opportunities to drive our company forward.


Graziella Bianco


Graziella Bianco has excellent operations expertise and is familiar with all aspects of day-to-day business. She knows how to optimize processes, improve workflows and reduce costs. Graziella Bianco understands how to motivate and inspire teams. She helps our employees to focus on their strengths and to achieve their goals.


Guido Russ


Guido Russ translates our vision into product strategy and has a keen understanding of what our customers want. He identifies new products that focus on innovation and user-friendliness. Guido Russ ensures that our offerings are in line with market requirements and exceed our customers’ expectations.


Pascal Poschenrieder


Pascal Poschenrieder has extensive technical knowledge and experience. He organises the use of technology to achieve our business goals. Pascal Poschenrieder has the ability to implement technological solutions quickly and effectively. He can successfully plan and implement complex projects.


Roman Sauter


Roman Sauter is responsible for ensuring that users receive targeted training with oneclick™, other software applications and additional work-related topics as part of our holistic digital workplace. In this context, he is responsible for content strategy, skill management and the provision of training opportunities.


Christian Petschik


Christian Petschik is responsible for increasing the revenue and growth of our company. He has excellent sales skills and experience in leading sales teams. Christian Petschik has a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and a deep understanding of customer needs.


The board oversees and advises management. It is responsible for the long-term direction of our business in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements.


Christoph Birgelen

Non-executive Chairman of the Board

Christoph Birgelen is a lawyer and active member of administrative and trust boards. In addition to solving legal problems, Christoph Birgelen attaches great importance to finding economically reasonable and pragmatic solutions. Christoph Birgelen has a large network of relationships, including with entrepreneurs, banks, financial service providers and specialized consultants.


René Müller

Non-executive Member of the Board

René Müller knows how professional organizations operate and passes on his knowledge. He has worked for multinationals such as IBM and ABB as well as the management consultancy Bain & Co. In 1994, René Müller started his own software company for „Customer Communications Management“, which he successfully sold to the publicly traded Quadient in 2012. Since then he has been active as investor and for charity projects.


Our investors understand the specifics of the Software as a Servcice (SaaS) business as well as the competitive landscape and challenges associated with scaling.

birgelen wehrli logo@2x 1

Birgelen Family Office

The Birgelen Family Office under the leadership of Erik Birgelen has invested in several successful start-ups, scale-ups and full grown companies across different sectors. The Birgelen Family Office is characterized by a long-term investment strategy. In addition to financial support, the Birgelen Family Office has an extensive network and provides valuable contacts and resources.

connect solutions

Connect Solutions AG

Connect Solutions AG is a private equity company that invests in start-ups und scale-ups with complementary technologies and brings them together so that everyone can benefit through strategic partnership. Thereby, the companies remain independent. Current participations are in the areas of digital workplace, learning, collaboration, development and artificial intelligence.