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Competitor Comparison

Discover how oneclick™ is positioned and what makes the platform unique for the deployment of digital workplaces compared to competitive solutions.


Follow us on the evolutionary path of application deployment

Each of the listed competitors has considered what they can do better than conventional technologies – and so have we!

1. Simple to operate

Compared to complex solutions such as Citrix and VMware, with oneclick™ you do not have to set up, operate, update and maintain a multitude of modules yourself. You do not need certified experts.

2. Turnkey platform service

Instead of downloading software and installing it on a prepared infrastructure like with Parallels and Liquit, the management functions of oneclick™ are instantly available to you as a cloud service.

3. Deploy infrastructure in real time

Different from Workspot, you don’t need to ensure that you have organized the required infrastructure for your software applications upfront. With oneclick™, you can deploy infrastructure resources in real time across a variety of integrated cloud providers.

4. Multi-cloud support and API integration

In contrast to the large hyperscalers Azure Virtual Desktop, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, which each use proprietary technologies with vendor lock-in, with oneclick™ you can integrate other solutions via API and realize multi-cloud scenarios – also together with the hyperscalers.

5. Ensure full data sovereignty

oneclick™ is not subject to the US Cloud Act. With oneclick™ you retain control and sovereignty over your data. You decide where your data is stored, who has access to it and how it is used.

6. High technical value-added depth

In addition to solutions such as Zscaler, Awingu and TS Plus, oneclick™ provides all the functionality needed for application deployment. Moreover, oneclick™ does not stop at technical deployment, but also empowers users and provides tools for training and collaboration.

oneclick™ provides all the functionality needed for application deployment – with a high degree of automation

application deployment process
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We offer you full flexibility

You decide what you want to provide yourself and what you want to outsource to us

work model
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Your Return on Invest when choosing oneclick™

22% savings for a digital workplace

According to Gartner surveys, the average cost of a digital workplace is around €90 per user per month*. With the oneclick™ application deployment platform in combination with our managed service, you can reduce these costs to around €70 per user and month. This takes into account all workplace costs, i.e. hardware, software, processes and external services. In particular, you can save on the listed items in the graphic by using oneclick™.

*IT Key Metrics Data 2023: End-User Services Measures – Digital Workplace Services Framework Definitions, Gartner 2022

oneclick roi calculator

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