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Virtual Desktops and managed VDI packages complement infrastructure offering

Over the past few months, we have received an increasing number of enquiries from software vendors, systems integrators and end customers asking us whether we can provide additional infrastructure in addition to the oneclick™ platform for the simple and secure delivery of applications and data. Therefore, we have developed two new concepts for our customers.

Virtual Desktop

oneclick™ Virtual Desktops

With the oneclick™ Virtual Desktops we have created an ideal solution for individual users – a personal desktop in the cloud. The advantages of the oneclick™ platform are combined with a powerful infrastructure, giving the user a digital, secure and mobile cloud workspace.

The virtual desktops are immediately ready for use and can be accessed from anywhere using any HTML5-capable browser. The user is given administrative rights and has full control over the management of their cloud computer, to install any desired programs independently.

Depending on the required performance, you can choose from three different variants of this single-user environment:

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

oneclick™ Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

With the oneclick™ Virtual Desktop Infrastructure we provide a ready-to-use, powerful and pre-configured multi-user VDI environment to move software or entire workplaces to the cloud. High performance infrastructure in German / US data centre and tested security architecture is coupled with streaming into the browser for a secure backend. In addition, oneclick also takes care of Microsoft Windows management, system hardening down to the operating system level with all updates for smooth operation. Software vendors, systems integrators and end customers benefit from a greatly reduced workload thanks to the turnkey infrastructure solution on which only their own applications need to be installed. The system landscape offers complete and reliable protection against malware and cyber attacks.

Accessible via browser from anywhere and at any time, users are able to collaborate efficiently, securely and group-wide with the oneclick™ Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Based on the individual number of users and personal performance requirements, users can choose from various packages: