2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Desktop as a Service

Customer Success Story: Connection of a shop system to the oneclick™ platform for fully automated application provisioning on a cloud infrastructure

How the software vendor Cross Strategies GmbH has implemented an efficient and highly scalable ordering process for AgenaTrader.

Cross Strategies GmbH is an Austrian vendor of a solution for stock exchange trading, the AgenaTrader. While large institutions work with highly professional software, such a solution was not available for the end customer market before AgenaTrader. Private traders often failed in their trading activities due to the missing functionality of the software used. The AgenaTrader therefore contains all the necessary tools and functions for the daily trading routine for this target group. From the very beginning, the functions of AgenaTrader were developed according to the needs of the users. This philosophy of Cross Strategies GmbH is shared by oneclick™, because the platform for the provision of digital workspaces also focuses on the users and the easy consumption of IT resources.

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The AgenaTrader, a professional desktop solution for the daily work of traders

A day in the financial markets begins for traders at 8:00 a.m. when the German market opens and often ends at 10:00 p.m. when the US markets close. Futures and forex trading runs around the clock. For truly professional trading in the financial markets, a web trading platform that can be operated from “anywhere” is insufficient because it never offers the range of functions and individuality that a trader needs to be able to operate successfully in the markets in the long term. Therefore, a desktop solution is needed to fully or partially automate personal and individual trading approaches and to monitor thousands of symbols in real time in order to finally make the right trading decisions.


Limitations of classic desktop deployment

Despite a flexible multi-location licensing model, AgenaTrader’s data storage was limited to the desktop on which the software was installed. This meant that it was difficult for traders to leave their workplace. Switching from the office to the home office and working on the road was previously only possible via insecure cloud drives or remote desktops, which were also prone to problems and errors. During extensive market research, Cross Strategies GmbH tried out all common approaches and did not come to a satisfactory result.


Wanted: Efficient, secure and cloud-based solution

Cross Strategies GmbH has many thousands of customers. AgenaTrader runs on a Windows operating system and previously had to be downloaded by each end customer independently and installed on a desktop or on their own server in several steps. In addition, Cross Strategies GmbH has received an increasing number of customer inquiries regarding the availability of a cloud service. As a further requirement, the FinTech sector is characterised by a high level of security thinking. For these reasons, the company has been looking for a cost and time saving solution for application provisioning that simultaneously offers maximum availability and security.

SaaSified Software

Publicly accessible programming interface from oneclick™

Cross Strategies GmbH has already operated a shop system from SHAREit for various modules and add-ons. However, this was limited to the pure order management. Now the complete provision of the software AgenaTrader on an infrastructure in the cloud was to be automated, from ordering to payment and delivery. Therefore, the existing shop system was connected to the oneclick™ platform via a public programming interface. The oneclick™ platform does not have any special integration requirements: Any shop or enterprise resource planning system can be connected with little effort.

AgenaTrader - Shop

Automatic delivery of the desired software application on a selected cloud infrastructure

Based on the personal information provided when ordering in the shop system, a new customer organization and user is automatically created in the oneclick™ platform and all necessary licenses are assigned. The system then organizes a cloud resource for the user with a pre-installed version of AgenaTrader. Simultaneously, the customer receives a confirmation email together with the invoice and his access data. With this he can directly log in to the web portal of the oneclick™ platform. The mail also includes an automatically generated license key that allows the user to activate the software before using it for the first time. For different projects, the automated steps can be dynamically adapted to the respective initial situation and the desired process design.

AgenaTrader - Trading

A scalable model to optimize the ordering process in the domestic market and for further growth abroad

The implemented solution now enables Cross Strategies GmbH to smoothly onboard hundreds of new customers per month. In addition to the European home market, the oneclick™ platform also offers international data centers due to the connected hosting providers. Since oneclick™ is available worldwide as a ready-to-use cloud service, the existing process can also be easily deployed in foreign markets without Cross Strategies GmbH or customers having to worry about their own infrastructure or local support staff. In this case, the European setup was adopted for the US market.

Availability of cloud service

Comprehensive security architecture important for the FinTech industry

Security components of oneclick™, which were decisive for Cross Strategies GmbH and the sensitive FinTech industry, include EU-GDPR conformity of the platform and delivery via highly encrypted streaming. The latter ensures that no malware can be transferred from the outside into the connected cloud resource, even if the end devices are infected. The oneclick™ platform offers comprehensive protection against all common cyber-attacks and the data never leaves the secure hosting location. Optionally, users can work with multi-level authentication and add additional security policies.

Security with oneclick


Final conclusion and outlook of the managing director

“Due to the convincing security architecture in combination with the possibilities for automation in application provisioning as well as the absolutely flexible and competitive price model, we decided to use the oneclick™ platform,” says Gilbert Kreuzthaler.

Gilbert Kreuzthaler

“The cooperation with oneclick is highly professional. We were very impressed by the flexibility and agility, but also by the uncomplicated cooperation at management and employee level. In oneclick we see a cooperation partner with whom we can implement several other business models. Thanks to the newly created cloud solution, it is now possible, for example, to easily add AgenaTrader to Bloomberg’s App Store. The alternative of integrating AgenaTrader as a desktop client in Bloomberg would have been much more expensive and technically much more complex. Cross Strategies GmbH expects the placement in Bloomberg to provide a further growth surge in the additional segment of institutional asset managers.”

Try the AgenaTrader yourself

If you personally enjoy and are interested in trading, then you can try the AgenaTrader yourself. AgenaTrader supports your buying and selling decisions with highly professional features that make your daily trading routine easier and let you compete with market makers. Feel free to contact us for an attractive introductory offer. Contact us now!