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As simple as streaming a movie – but for software applications

Benefit from our complete platform approach for deploying software applications and delivering them to users so they can work productively.

The oneclick™ platform provides everything you need for software distribution and the productive work with it in a modular building block system: A central management console for the deployment and administration of your infrastructure, a Unified Workspace for the delivery to the users as well as an integrated learning management system (LMS) and collaboration tools.

Like movies, oneclick™ streams applications from remote servers to users, who can then interact with them. The innovative streaming technology guarantees that sensitive data never leaves the secure hosting location.

“oneclick™ has a 3x faster performance when operating special software.“

Michael Scholl, IT Manager, ROLAND Rechtsschutz-Versicherungs-AG, Insurance company, 1.300 employees

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How users work with oneclick™

Provide your users with hardware-independent access to all released software applications.

The Unified Workspace in the browser provides centralized, intuitive, and consistent access to all software applications and data, regardless of where they are hosted or what device or operating system is used. Alternatively, you can publish resources as a direct link or grant access via a client to be installed on end devices.

oneclick™ enables the integration of peripheral devices. Determine which interactions you want to allow our users to have or not between the digital workplace and various input and output devices: Printing, scanning, making phone calls, sharing files, authentication via USB smart cards, and much more.

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With the oneclick™ Hybrid Drive you regain control over your data. When connected to virtual machines, the Hybrid Drive is mounted and not synchronized. Advantages: You can immediately revoke access rights, increase performance and do not consume any storage space on the virtual machine.

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Integrated support tools help to solve problems quickly. You can track the progress of your tickets in real time. Tiered support programs offer different service levels. A status page provides information about platform availability, incidents and upcoming maintenance.

You can choose between six solutions depending on your use case

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud & Workstations
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Software Updates
  • Load balancing and autoscaling (Cloud) resources
  • Execution of Windows tasks
  • Highly-encrypted access 
  • Zero Trust Architecture
  • Security policies & identity provider

oneclick™ comes with a central customer administration for channel partners. You can design role concepts and integrate the platform into your own systems via an addressable interface (API).

Always well informed: Monitor your IT infrastructure in real time using clear graphics and receive notifications of critical events or deviations from defined thresholds.

Don’t stop after the technical deployment. Train your employees to use oneclick™ as well as your software applications and other work related topics – and enable productive collaboration.

Your individual design for more user loyalty


We are happy to design the web portal for access to the cloud desktop or single virtualised applications according to your preferences. A customized digital workplace improves user experience and engagement with your business.

Are you ready to modernize your IT with oneclick™?