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Types of Cloud Provisioning – briefly explained

[oc_spacer height=”15″]On the subject of “Cloud Services“ we differentiate between different types of cloud provisioning. Depending on which demands and requirements prevail, it is possible to choose between different versions. Public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud are the options, which we will present to you below. With oneclick™ you are able to implement a hybrid cloud with only a few clicks.

Public Cloud

The term ‘Public Cloud‘ describes cloud services, which are made available via the internet by an external cloud service provider. It refers to the entire infrastructure environment, such as hardware, software and supporting resources. These components are 100% owned and administered by the cloud provider. Generally, a browser is required to retrieve the services and the individual account.


  • Added value of a cloud service, e.g. more mobile, time independent access
  • No high financial investments necessary
  • No administration of infrastructure necessary


  • Data protection

Private Cloud

A private cloud, which consists of hardware, software and additional supporting elements, just like a public cloud, is used – contrarily to public clouds – exclusively by businesses. Private clouds can be operated either in a business‘s own data centre or through an external cloud provider. The complete infrastructure and all services are administered in a private network.


  • IT security
  • Guaranteed data protection


  • High financial costs for the provisioning of hardware and IT personnel for administration

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud combines the advantages of a public cloud with those of a private cloud. Applications, which use sensitive data with regards to data protection, can be operated in a private cloud, while other services run in a public cloud.


  • Mobility & flexibility
  • Simple provisioning
  • Data protection

Implement a Hybrid Cloud with oneclick™

The plan to realise a hybrid cloud becomes a reality with oneclick™. Worldwide available as a service, oneclick™ is an Workspace Provisioning and Streaming Platform, which allows you to deploy applications and data from any server location (on-premise, cloud) as a stream in a central workspace in the browser. Users access their secure and mobile work environment with any device. For remote access, there is no need to install software components on a server and clients or plug-ins from oneclick™ on end devices. The Cloud Resource Manager enables you to provide and administer virtual machines in the data centres of well-known IaaS providers directly from oneclick™. This is why it only takes you a few clicks and the help of oneclick™ to create your own hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Find out more about the oneclick™ platform and how we, in conjunction with IT consultancy Sogeti, can support you with hybrid cloud concepts.