This is the oneclick™ Platform!

oneclick™ is a universally applicable, complete solution for the deployment and distribution of applications and data. By delivering them through a central platform into a workspace via streaming, oneclick™ solves a variety of common IT problems and improves productivity, mobility and security. This works 100% web-based. All you need to use oneclick™ is a browser.
Simple Setup
You can set up the platform by yourself without any expert knowledge or handle set-up conveniently via a systems integrator. Convince yourself of the versatility of oneclick™!

Special Features at a Glance

  Device independent Operation

The oneclick™ platform can run with an HTML5 supported browser on any operating system.

  Remote Access via a groundbreaking Platform

As a service for Remote Access, oneclick™ enables uncomplicated and protected access to an existing target infrastructure. oneclick™ is immediately available to use as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Additional software components do not have to be installed on the server.

  A Connection is possible to different Infrastructures

Server locations can be based on premise or in a public or private cloud.

  Works as a Gateway Service to all common Server Systems

oneclick™ supports all server operating systems via common remote, terminal and web protocols, such as RDP, VNC, SSH and HTTPS. This allows the deployment of Windows, terminal and Unix systems as well as websites.

  Flexible Payment Model

No expensive one-off purchases are required to set up the platform. Thanks to pay-per-use, you only pay what you really need. The platform can be used on a month-by-month basis.

  Using USB Dongles via Network

With our technology partner SEH Technology’s USB-dongle servers you can provide USB dongles via your network in a fast and easy way. The user creates a connection with the USB dongle and uses their copy protected software as usual – even in server-based and visualised environments.

  Integrated Cloud Storage

oneclick™ Drive provides you with a central storage for your data, which you can access synchronously at any time.

  Multi-Stream View

The multi-stream view allows a unique display of several streams in one webpage for parallel working.

  Cloud Resource Manager

Using the Cloud Resource Manager, you are able to provide virtual machines in data centres of well-known IaaS providers – such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services – directly from oneclick™.

  Secure and confidential printing on any network printer

Partnerships with solution providers for cloud-based print management make network printers part of your digital workspace.

  Inclusive Managed Connectivity and Security

The oneclick™ platform already includes all components of a DMZ, which means that you only need a firewall to secure a local server location. We also supply and manage for you the local counterpart for a highly secure connection to the oneclick™ platform, so that you don’t have to be concerned about anything.

  Using USB Devices via Network

Our technology partner SEH Technology’s USB device servers integrate USB devices into your network in a fast, simple and secure way: Thanks to a virtual USB cable extension via the network you can use your USB devices flexibly and independently of location.

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