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Shadow IT describes all IT systems, which are not part of an organisation’s in-house IT department: ✓ Risks ✓ Reasons for Use ► Read on!

IT Asset Management, abbreviated ITAM, describes all measure and tools, which are required to optimise, procure and administer the electronic assets of an organisation. ✓ Definition ✓ Advantages & Disadvantages ► Read on!

The term Internet of Things basically means nothing else than the interconnection of objects with the internet. The aim of IoT is to capture information from the real world, connect it and make it available in a technical system.

Through digital transformation, an exciting and promising age starts for organisations. However, according to a survey by McKinsey, only every second medium sized business considers digitalization an opportunity. Read here how smaller businesses, in particular, benefit from digitalization.

Artificial intelligence, self-learning machines, virtual reality – what sounded like science fiction only a few years ago, now seems a possibility. We have put together an overview of some of this year’s and the near future’s riveting IT trends.