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Daniel Veldensteyn in the reference customer interview

Why the Tilch Group chose oneclick™ as its solution and what goals and successes have been achieved through its use.

About the Tilch Group

The Tilch Group provides holistic nursing and care for the elderly and mentally ill. The company is on a growth path, currently operates 13 locations, employs around 350 people and works in a 3-shift system.


Initial situation

  • Local IT with different individual solutions at the sites
  • Software had to be laboriously installed on fat clients
  • Security risks due to data on end devices


  • Long provisioning times for new workstations
  • High complexity and costs
  • Strong dependency on specialists


  • Move client desktop infrastructure to the cloud
  • High-performance access via low-cost Chrome books
  • Manage all IT from a central management interface

What IT solutions were you using for application delivery before you switched to oneclick™?

We were metaphorically in a black box. We maintained a local and inhomogeneous IT environment at all locations, which was managed by an external service provider. We used the Medifox client-server application, whose clients were installed on end devices. The internal and external responsibilities were unclearly regulated. This created a high level of dependency, with numerous unclear invoices. This initial situation motivated me to bring about a change, because I sensed that we could save considerable costs if the division was set up correctly.

What problem did the Tilch Group solve with oneclick™?

We had a cumbersome process for onboarding new employees. The external service provider had to remotely set up an existing or new Windows computer. Sometimes even an on-site setup appointment was necessary. A longer waiting time until the service was started, 2 hours of actual working time and more than 200€ for the setup were not uncommon. There were always security risks associated with setting up new workstations, because it was often unclear what data was still on a computer. Errors also frequently occurred during the installation of clients and other software. In addition, we were dealing with highly sensitive patient information. We therefore looked for a straightforward cloud solution from a certified, regional provider for application deployment.

Where did Tilch Group start looking for a solution to the problem?

We first spoke with our long-time IT system house and explained to them what we were trying to do and what the target situation should be. However, it quickly became clear to me that the focus here was not on the desired innovation, but rather on “old wine in new skins”. For this reason, I looked for alternatives. Through my private network, I then came across oneclick™. Already during the first contact I had a very good feeling, both humanly and regarding the professional approach to the project.

How did oneclick™ stand out from other options?

That’s easy (laughs): oneclick™ is a well thought-out solution with a motivated and competent team. Plato says, “In simplicity there is beauty”. That sums it up well. By virtualizing the client desktop infrastructure and moving it to the cloud, employees can now access their applications from any device. We can manage all of IT from a central management interface. Data is no longer processed locally on end devices, but streamed in highly encrypted form. Nevertheless, employees have the impression from the performance that the applications are running directly on the end device.

Was there an obstacle that almost prevented the deployment of oneclick™?

No real obstacles. The connection of peripherals, such as special printers or the integration of USB dongles, is often a challenge with virtualization. I know this from my Citrix® projects in the past. There were some challenges here together, but it turned out that the oneclick™ team is very solution-oriented. We overcame all obstacles together and today we have a smoothly functioning environment that meets all requirements.

What was the decisive product feature for your decision?

That’s answered quickly: a user-friendly full service. The oneclick™ platform includes all the functions needed to provision virtual machines in the cloud, install and update software, and deliver workstations to users. The absolutely unique selling point is that no deep technical understanding is required for these activities. Instead of being dependent on a specialist, I can now deploy new workstations myself in a matter of minutes.

digitalisation in nursing

What does the Tilch Group like best about working with oneclick™?

Service at eye level. As a customer, I am not taken for a fool. I say this in all honesty. I am not an IT expert and as a managing director I often act with common sense. With oneclick™, I never had the feeling that this circumstance was exploited and “overselling” was practiced. This is a first in the industry. I feel like I’ve been treated fairly at all times.

What have you achieved by using oneclick™?

oneclick™ is the central provisioning platform for the software we use. No matter from which end device an employee logs in, he always accesses his working environment via oneclick™. The login only works from our internal WLAN access points, which significantly increases security. Compared to the initial situation, we have been able to save around 40% of our IT costs through the efficient use of cloud infrastructure. Instead of fat clients, we can now use inexpensive Chrome books. At the sites, we now only need an Internet connection instead of decentralized IT. Productivity for onboarding and offboarding workstations has improved by around 1200% – instead of 2 hours, we need a maximum of 10 minutes. We comply with DSGVO requirements and have an environment that meets high security standards due to oneclick™’s ISO 27001 certification. Even cyber insurance is automatically included. Priceless, however, is my peace of mind. oneclick™ is a fail-safe platform that gives me a transparent overview of my deployed servers, costs, utilization and availability at all times.

What has exceeded your expectations in working with oneclick™?

The humanity. Although we are not the biggest and most important customer, with oneclick™ we always have the feeling that we are the focus and that our concerns are dealt with quickly and with full commitment. We have achieved a lot together, but we also have a lot ahead of us, as we are on a growth path and would like to open more locations. With oneclick™ as a partner, I am looking forward to this because IT can now grow dynamically with our company.