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Using Native Apps in a Tesla

You’re wondering how that’s possible? How can native business applications be accessed from a Tesla? oneclick™ makes it possible for any software, from the web app from the cloud to the native app as a local desktop application, to run securely on all browser-enabled devices. Native apps and business applications run through an HTML-5-enabled web browser while the application itself and its associated data remain in their original location.

Using Native Apps in a Tesla

No matter whether you just want to check financial data in the ERP system, take a note or search for the latest information before the customer appointment – with oneclick™ data is always available for mobile use on notebooks, tablets, mobile phones or even in a Tesla. Using the large touch screen in the centre console and the installed web browser, the end user can log onto the oneclick™ platform and access all stored applications.

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In our case, the application “Sage 200“, which is hosted in the computer centre of the reseller Qmulus Solutions, was tested but other applications such as SAP or Tableau can also be used.

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Possible Application Types – What are Native Apps? What are Web Apps?

Native apps are programmed for an operating system, e.g. Windows, Android or iOS, and then only run on devices that are equipped with the operating system, i.e. Windows PCs, Android tablets or smartphones as well as iPhones and iPads. The reason for this is that all resources or hardware are used as well as coordinated optimally and all necessary interfaces to hardware function (keyboard, mouse, etc.).

Possible Application Types - What are Native Apps and Web Apps?

Web Applications are basically the same, except that they work according to the client-server model and, unlike Native Apps, are not installed locally on the user’s computer, but on remote web servers. The advantage here is that the Web App can be used on every end device that has a browser, including all smartphones and tablets whose use is ever-increasing.

End users can access their existing on-premises landscapes (native apps) 100% web-based via the oneclick™ platform, which makes mobile working possible via any end device, anytime and anywhere, without companies having to replace their old software.

Due to the central application distribution it is possible to always have the latest updates consistently on all devices. In addition to the complex VPN management, the complicated handling of VPN clients for end users is also eliminated and represents a VPN alternative.

Two Factor Authentication

The implemented 2-factor authentication (e.g. Google Authenticator or other integrated services) provides additional security for the existing software and infrastructure. Even with mobile access, the data always remains securely stored in the company.

In the following, we show you possible native application types that can be connected with oneclick™ and made accessible via the browser:

Possible Application Types of Native Apps and Web Apps - ERP Systems

ERP Systems (e.g. Sage, SAP, Lexware, Datev)

In most cases, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is the most important software in the company. Almost all employees access this system on a daily basis. ERP systems usually run on internal servers in the company’s data centre and can only be accessed via complicated, usually unstable VPN connections or are not suitable for mobile work at all. With oneclick™, ERP systems become mobile, while they continue to be installed on local servers. Accordingly, access is also possible via mobile devices or even from a Tesla.

Possible Application Types of Native Apps and Web Apps - CRM Systems

CRM Systems (e.g. Dynamics CRM, Sugar CRM)

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a standard program in every company. The basis for efficient working with customer data is mobile access to the locally installed software for sales employees. Since the EU GDPR came into force, customer data must be stored securely within the company. With the oneclick™ platform, access to this sensitive data will also be possible from smartphones, tablets or on the road from the car, without this data leaving its storage space.

Possible Application Types of Native Apps and Web Apps - Task-specific Apps

Task-specific Native Apps and Web Apps (e.g. Tableau, Sharepoint, WinJur)

In addition to ERP and CRM systems, task-specific applications are frequently used in various industries. This software usually has to be installed and maintained on servers in data centres and local end devices because these are individually tailored to the company. Therefore, these applications are considered too inflexible for mobile use. With oneclick™, end users can use these special applications in a secure, mobile way.

Possible Application Types of Native Apps and Web Apps - Legacy Apps

Legacy Applications (e.g. AS400, Delphi apps)

Specially developed legacy applications are indispensable in many companies. However, they were developed at a time when different requirements were in the foreground compared to today. Moving to modern applications is either not possible or involves considerable costs and time. oneclick™, however, revolutionises the use of legacy-apps. With Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), legacy applications are transferred into the new age and can be accessed at any time and from anywhere without having to invest in a move.

Wide Range of Applications for Native Apps and Web Apps

Since the application areas of the oneclick™ platform are not limited to a specific industry or department of a company, the scenarios are manifold. In this context, the sales activities of any company and employees in the home office are listed as examples.


Digitisation has also revolutionised sales in its foundations. Nevertheless, personal contact with customers remains important and sales staff will continue to be on the move and need to access their Native and Web Apps on the way.

Digital workspaces, such as the oneclick™ Workspaces, are the simplest solution to enable mobile working. Via these workspaces in the browser, sales staff can access all relevant customer data and applications they need for their daily work from any device – regardless of location and time.


Homeoffice / Remote Worker

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular and location- and time-independent work is continuously developing further with the rise of new technologies. With oneclick™’s digital workspaces, mobile working is very easy. Whether the employees are on a business trip in Shenghzen or in the coworking space in Miami – thanks to mobile, digital workspaces, they can access all software programs and data required for their work in a mobile, secure and device-independent way.

On the one hand, the new flexibility makes it possible to organise leisure time and work more individually and, on the other hand, to create new business potential. Thanks to the independence in terms of location, time and end device, business ideas and projects can be realised with little effort. A startup, for example, can get by without any fixed office space and with a minimum of permanent employees. For the implementation of ideas, freelance experts can be engaged worldwide who have the necessary know-how without the need to create fixed resources for a job.


oneclick™ runs in the browser and is therefore independent of any operating system. All your device needs is Internet access and an HTML5-enabled browser. oneclick™ is ideal for mobile use because it has an appealing design – perfect to work with on smartphones and tablets.

A unique, self-developed streaming technology is used which no longer transfers data to the device. Only one image of the connection destination is transmitted as an encrypted video. Applications are no longer installed locally, but run directly in the data centre. The device requires significantly less computing power, which also allows the problem-free use of older models. Even with low bandwidths, oneclick™ works stable (from 2 Mbit/s, e.g. 3G, LTE or WLAN) and you will not feel any difference to local work.

Applications can be run from any location, including the existing network, private cloud hosting or in the vehicle. oneclick™ takes care of all the authentication required to access the software and presents all applications to the user on an easy-to-use interface.