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oneclick™ launches fully managed SaaS platform for software vendors

In recent months, we have received a lot of positive feedback from software vendors who prefer to outsource their setup and deployment processes completely to oneclick so that they can concentrate on development and marketing their application. Native Windows applications can be brought into the cloud in no time at all via the oneclick™ platform. So, software vendors who offer on-premises software have an easy way to make their software accessible via the browser. However, they previously had to independently set up oneclick™ and connect an infrastructure including Windows management.

With the oneclick™ SaaS platform, we have therefore gone one step further by adding a comprehensive managed service to our existing solution for the secure and convenient provision of applications and data. In doing so, we brought all our experience in dealing with a wide range of software types to bear and designed a highly automated environment together with one of our hosting partners.

SaaS Platform - SaaSified Software

As part of the Managed Service, we take over the complete installation and setup of the application on a high-performance infrastructure, hardening of the operating system, continuous updates and much more. Extensive checklists, which have been developed from many projects, ensure that everything is thought of. Tested standard rules and regulations are also used for the contractual relationship between software vendor and customer, such as a privacy policy, service level agreement and cloud terms of use. These are all things that are necessary for the provision of a Software-as-a-Service and otherwise have to be laboriously worked out.

Thanks to the managed SaaS platform, software vendors can “SaaSify” their application without much effort on their part and market it via a subscription model. The oneclick™ SaaS platform is ideal for outsourcing the demo and live operation of applications. Under the following link you will find all details on the packages: