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Digital workplaces from oneclick™ for consulting professions

Streamline your IT and increase the mobility of your employees.


Business drivers and industry trends

Advancing digitalisation and increased remote working require innovative solutions. Consultants are increasingly turning to cloud transformation to adapt their way of working to the demands of the modern business world. The security of their data and information is a top priority. Furthermore, consultants strive to increase their efficiency through the use of collaboration tools and self-service platforms.

Key industry participants: Lawyers Tax Advisers Notaries Chartered Accountants Management Consultants

This is how consulting professions benefit from the oneclick™ Platform

consulting cloud

Provide cloud workplaces

Increase mobility

consulting increase

"The decision to move our physical servers to the cloud with oneclick™ was a milestone for our company. As a fiduciary firm, we can now integrate new customer applications and databases flexibly and securely into our IT landscape. The professional managed service from oneclick™ rounds off the overall package."

Carl Henderson, COO, Consulting Company, 300 Employees

Facilitate cooperation

Integrate peripheral devices

consulting peripheral devices@2x 1
consulting reduce it

Reduce IT costs

Guarantee security and compliance


Leveraging cloud technology for enhanced construction ROI

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