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Cloud transformation refers to the shift of business applications and data from on-premises infrastructures to the cloud. Cloud transformation is an important part of digital transformation as it provides the technological basis for new digital business models and processes.

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On-premises means you run all your applications and data on your own servers on site. Cloud computing uses servers that are accessible via internet in the data center of an external service provider. Using the oneclick™ Platform, you can deploy cloud resources, install applications and deliver them to users.

Many companies that have not yet made the move to the cloud are struggling with ageing and fragmented IT systems. Not only can these lead to inefficiencies and increased operating costs, but they can also inhibit business agility by making it difficult to adapt quickly to changing business needs.

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Costs for setup and operation

On-premises solutions not only require a high initial investment, but also come with significant ongoing costs for energy and maintenance. On-premises systems can incur additional unexpected expenses for spare parts or upgrades, resulting in unpredictable cost burdens.

cost fors setup and
cost fors setup and

With cloud computing and application deployment via the oneclick™ Platform, you only pay for what you actually use, including energy and maintenance. You don’t have to worry about unexpected expenses and have better control over your costs.

On-premises IT requires a server room that has to meet certain legal requirements, e.g. in terms of climate control, fire protection and security. A server room is not only expensive to equip, but also incurs ongoing opportunity costs as it could be used for other purposes and needs to be monitored constantly.


Server room

In contrast, a cloud solution eliminates the need to rent and maintain dedicated premises for IT infrastructure. The provision of cloud resources via the oneclick™ Platform allows you to free yourself from these physical obligations.

Hardware procurement and setup time

Setting up on-premises IT can be delayed by difficulties in hardware procurement and requires long setup times for various components in general. You are tending to miss opportunities not being able to react quickly enough to new trends or changes. 

hardware procurement and setup
hardware procurement and setup

Cloud computing protects against hardware bottlenecks and is instantly available, allowing you to quickly adapt to market changes and take advantage of opportunities as they arise without delay. By reducing dependence on physical hardware, oneclick™ promotes a responsive and resilient organisational structure.


„By switching to the oneclick™ application deployment platform, we were able to optimise our IT holistically and reduce our total cost of ownership by 40%.“

Patrick Pena, CEO, Software Vendor, 60 Employees

The lack of qualified IT staff can make running an on-premises infrastructure a challenge. You need to maintain specialised knowledge for each component. Underutilised or otherwise engaged experts are expensive. Vulnerabilities occur when the team lacks expertise in certain areas.


Required specialists

Data centers of professional Cloud Providers and the oneclick™ platform are operated by specialists who take care of the continuous development, maintenance and security of all customers. Thus, the specialists are efficiently engaged, and the infrastructure is always up to date.


With on-premises systems, you have to individually and cumbersomely manage individual hardware and software components. Often these systems are not optimally aligned with each other, which can lead to complications. As a result, your IT team spends a significant part of its working time on recurring routine tasks.

In the cloud, you can control the entire infrastructure centrally via the oneclick™ management console, which simplifies administration as well as allocation and monitoring of resources. Smooth interaction of all components is ensured by the Cloud Provider and vendor partners. Your IT team has more time for strategic projects.

Adapting an on-premises infrastructure to fluctuating business needs can be a complex and costly task. In many cases, scaling means acquiring, installing and integrating new hardware, combined with extensive planning. On-premises IT also often suffers from over- or underutilisation of resources.


Cloud solutions are easy to scale. You need more resources? No problem! With just a few clicks, you can add them via the oneclick™ Platform without having to buy and commission additional hardware. This means you can quickly adapt to changing conditions.


With on-premises IT, dependence on specific operating systems and hardware can limit your flexibility. Incompatible components can hinder innovation and agility and lead to problems adapting to new technological trends or meeting business needs.

Cloud computing gives you the freedom to choose your preferred end devices and makes you independent from any operating system. oneclick™ supports the deployment of most applications in the cloud. Users can access them from any end device via browser.

With traditional on-premises technologies, data is often processed on users’ end devices, making control difficult and increasing the risk of data leakage or unauthorised manipulation. Data management policies cannot be enforced consistently. Integrity and confidentiality are not guaranteed.

data control and
data control and

Data control and security

oneclick™ ensures that your data never leaves your selected hosting location in the cloud providing a robust line of defence against potential breaches and unauthorised access. The centralised control capability not only increases security, but also simplifies compliance.

Business continuity

Hardware failures in on-premises infrastructures can lead to business interruptions if access to important applications and data is hindered. In the worst case, hardware failures result in a lasting loss of business data and customer confidence.

endpoint management
endpoint management

Cloud Provider and oneclick™ have redundant systems and expert teams that can respond quickly to outages. This ensures that your data and services remain available even in the event of unexpected hardware problems. Downtime is minimised and the reliability and continuity of your business processes are improved.

On-premises infrastructures demand significant internal resources and expertise to ensure they meet industry and regulatory standards. If you are seeking external certification or need it for a tender, extensive internal audits, training and customisation is required.


External certification

Cloud solutions like oneclick™ offer a key advantage: They usually already have industry-relevant certifications that have been audited and confirmed by external bodies. These certifications are proof of compliance with best practices in terms of security, data protection and operational management.


Traditional on-premises IT consumes a lot of energy, especially for the operation, production and disposal of hardware. Constant replacement of hardware increases the carbon footprint and the amount of electronic waste. Often, on-premises infrastructures are not designed for optimal energy efficiency.

In contrast, cloud solutions offer a sustainable alternative as they reduce the need for physical hardware and are powered by green electricity. Cloud Providers can ensure more energy-efficient operating conditions than traditional enterprise data centers through economies of scale and specialised technology.

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