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Are you looking for a more convenient alternative to your current VPN technology?

Rely on the oneclick™ Platform – far more than just a modern and secure remote access.

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Are you facing these challenges?

Low user friendliness

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is complex to set up and requires regular updates as well as adjustments to security settings. Users have difficulty starting the VPN client and re-establishing the connection if it is interrupted.

Low performance and high latency

Workin via VPN, you notice speed drops and delays in data transfer, which affects real-time applications negatively as well as productivity in general.

Vulnerability to security breaches

Although VPNs encrypt data traffic, they do not provide protection against malware or viruses on end devices. An infected end device can infiltrate malware into the company network via a VPN connection.

This is how oneclick™ supports you in remote access and beyond

From a fragmented and securityprone Virtual Private Network (VPN) for application delivery to a highly secure, centralized streaming service, including infrastructure management capabilities.

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“Since switching to oneclick™, we not only enjoy reliable, high-performance connections and ease of use when accessing software applications remotely, but also a new level of security. A real added value for our company!”

Rachel Lloyd, Head of Department, Insurance Agencie, 45 Employees

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Answers to your most important questions

We understand your situation and offer a solution that allows you to leave the challenges with your existing VPN technology behind easily.

Why is oneclick™ more secure than VPN?

oneclick™ comes with a tested security architecture and streams applications to end devices in a highly encrypted way. Unlike VPN, there is no direct connection to the corporate network. Malware cannot penetrate via infected end devices.

What about performance?

State-of-the-art data compression and optimisation algorithms enable significantly faster and more responsive operation of real-time applications than traditional VPN technologies.

Is oneclick™ easy to implement and manage?

oneclick™ is an instantly available platform service and is updated automatically. The platform scales flexibly and easily. It adapts to the growth and changing needs of your business.

What additional value does the oneclick™ platform offer?

The oneclick™ platform offers a much higher value added depth than a VPN or other remote access solutions, namely all the features you need for application deployment: Infrastructure orchestration, security, delivery, identity management and user empowerment.

What does oneclick™ cost?

Regarding costs oneclick™ is in a similar area per user and month to that of a professional VPN technology, but with a significantly greater range of functions and increased security. In addition, oneclick™ helps to save IT costs in many other sectors through its central platform approach.

How convenient is the remote access for end users?

Our name says it all: "One click" and users have secure and high-performance remote access to the required applications and data. You can easily integrate peripheral devices such as multiple monitors or printers.

Choose between six solutions, depending on your requirements

Secure yourself a future-oriented and powerful alternative to VPN or other remote access solutions!

Start into a more secure, efficient working world with oneclick™ today.