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Cloud expertise as the key to success

[oc_spacer height=”15″]How is cloud expertise doing in German companies? This year’s Cebit was an ideal opportunity for experts to gather and discuss trends all around this exciting topic. Using the latest talks and current studies, we have summarised the environment of cloud usage, in particular in Germany.

Without doubt, the data cloud remains on a successful path: the Cloud Monitor 2018, which was recently presented at Cebit, shows that the share of companies using cloud computing continues to grow (66%; 83% with large companies), or of those planning its use (21%). While in 2015 still around one quarter of surveyed companies stated that the cloud is no topic for them, this has in the meantime decreased to 13%.

Security is and remains a hot topic with cloud use

Security has the highest priority for cloud users. 97% stated that conformance with EU-GDPR is the most important criterion they have for cloud providers, besides transparent security architectures and control (83%).

Therefore it is not surprising, that with this high sensitivity relating to data security, it is security concerns which make companies reluctant to use the cloud. As reported by Bitkom at Cebit, almost two thirds of non-users of public cloud solutions fear unauthorised access to critical company data. 56% of these companies worry that data is being lost, while 50% are concerned with an unclear legal situation.

But are these fears really justified? Peter Heidkamp, head of technology at KPMG, points out that in the past 12 months there were more security incidences in a company’s internal IT departments than in the public cloud. At the same time, an increase of trust in the cloud can be seen as more and more companies also move sensitive data in the cloud.

Great scepticism towards in-house cloud expertise

While it appears that companies are gradually phasing out their security concerns, a study published last year discovered some other weaknesses with cloud usage.

The survey of Rackspace and the London School of Economics and Political Science showed, that there is still a need for action and deficits with the majority of companies. “IT is occupied with the operation, not with innovation“, was the conclusion of the survey’s publisher.

Around 2,000 IT experts and decision makers from Germany, Switzerland, Benelux, UK, USA, Mexico, Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong were interviewed.

Initially, almost half of the IT experts stated that they spent longer with the management of cloud services than they had previously planned. This implies that important capacities are missing, in particular for the further development of in-house IT.

The survey participants were also asked to give their assessment with regards to the knowledge gap within their company relating to the cloud topic. 71% of those intervewed stated that they believed that their organisation generates less turnover due to the lack of cloud expertise. Overall, 65% of IT experts are of the opinion that they could increase their company’s ability to innovate, given sufficient specialist knowledge.

Cloud expertise

A good enough reason to catch up with regards to the knowledge around the cloud. But what causes set-backs for many responsible for IT? With 64% of those responsible, there are problems to keep up with the speed of cloud technologies – there is also a lack of internal competencies, while specialist staff are extremely rare in the job market.

This difficult situation on the IT expert job market will presumably still last several years. But even without these technology talents, there are many opportunities for companies to implement cloud solutions easily.

A flexible response to the common problems companies experience is offered by oneclick™. No matter where the difficulties lie – either not enough working hours can be invested, lack of specialists, a lack of cloud expertise or there are concerns with the sensitive issue of data security – thanks to oneclick™ it is possible with little cost and effort to move the entire IT infrastructure instantly into a highly secure cloud environment. With the Cloud Resource Manager, resources in the data centres of well-known IaaS providers can be provided and administered directly from oneclick™ “with only a few clicks”. The entire provisioning process is automated and can be carried out without any expert knowledge.