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Choosing between Family AND Career? Not necessarily!

[oc_spacer height=”15″]How digital workspaces help to make tired and uncompromising working patterns more flexible.

A career slump after having a baby, lower income and long unemployment after a birth. This is the result of the often difficult conditions for parents in the job market and therefore many hesitate to risk making the step out of working into family life. In 1991 only 54.6% of women were working, this has at least increased to 69.9% by 2015. The proportion of men, however, remained constant at 78.4%. A change is happening in the job market and therefore starting a family should no longer spell the end of a career.

A short look back: Our way of working changed fundamentally with industrialisation. Since then we were no longer dependent on sunlight and weather, but mainly on machines, which ran continuously. In order to keep up, the day was quickly divided in 3 times 8 hours. Now we are facing a new change – the technological. After the telephone, radio and tv, which had revolutionised the daily life of our grandparents, there is now the internet. Series are streamed, food is ordered by mobile and delivered to the front door, you chat via skype with your girlfriend in Australia or learn Spanish online – all this has already become every day life.

While we quickly discovered the advantages of the internet for our spare time, our working world is still lagging far behind current innovations. In the days of digitalisation and Industry 4.0, adapting work to the new life and work conditions is urgently necessary. Andrea Nahles, Germany’s former Minister for Work & Social Affairs, emphasized: “I do not believe in the end of work. However, digitalisation will change our world of work.‘‘ But in which form will these changes manifest themselves?

How does digitalisation help to reconcile family and career?

In a number of ways. For example, digital workspaces enable location independency. Parents no longer have to spend excessive rent for a family-friendly flat in a large city to have an attractive job, but are now able to live further away from their place of work. With digital workspaces, the place of work no longer needs to be fixed. Employees need nothing more than an internet connection – no car, which gets stuck in commuter traffic, no waiting around until a colleague gets out of a meeting, no loud open plan office in a city centre location.

On the other hand, digitalisation allows us to always be on the ball – both professionally and technically. Up to now, a break for maternity / paternity leave has resulted in a career dip for at least one parent, mostly because another candidate promptly moves up. Digital workspaces now offer the opportunity for continued and convenient professional development. Already almost every field undergoes permanent progress. Irrespective if medicine, technology or law – new insights are continuously gained everywhere and the professional status quo changes daily, not to mention the growing importance of soft skills. Online training for professional and social competency becomes more common and nothing stops employees from participating during their parental leave to be able to get started again in the job market at the same level as their competition.

The best solution for flexible working: oneclick™!

One of the most important advantages of digital workspaces – apart from geographical flexibility and continued professional development – is independence of time. The majority of employees are still in the same working conditions, which originate from the age of industrialisation: 8 hours – „Nine to Five“. But many professions, which demand creative thinking and a spirit of innovation, don’t fit that mold. The oneclick™ Application Delivery and Streaming Platform allows mobile, productive and secure working through a 100% web-based workspace in a browser. Brilliant ideas seldom arrive between a meeting and a lunch break. However, those who work flexibly from home or remotely, don’t lose precious time or energy as soon as they have a brilliant idea. Thanks to oneclick™, employees always have access to all their required applications and data. It does not require the installation of clients or plug-ins on end devices or handling of complicated VPN access.

People are able to make important contributions to their employer, while at the same time being able to look after their own children. Consequently, they thrive both in their work and home life as neither area is lacking in care and attention. This is the essential thought: Work belongs to our life to a similar degree as our friends and family. We spend around one third of our life working. Nobody should miss out on the joys of a family just because they would also like to have an attractive job. The line between work and spare time becomes more and more blurred – and that’s a good thing.