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oneclick AG joins the ISSS

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More and more companies and authorities become targets of attacks on their information and communications technology (ICT). It is of vital importance to have an effective IT infrastructure protection, which in turn keeps company data safe of internal and external dangers. Here, heterogeneous network structures and the high degree of data mobility present a big challenge. The more computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones with different operating systems are in operation in an organisation, the more complex will be the overall structure and handling of security. In addition, merely due to personnel reasons, many companies find it hard to keep up with the technical knowledge and resources of attackers.

These are among the type of topics that the Information Security Society Switzerland (ISSS) takes on. ISSS is the leading trade association in Switzerland for ICT security and its 1,200 members including security professionals and those interested in security from business, public administration and science. The association deals with technical, economic, regulatory as well as socio-political aspects of ICT security and information security.

“A common key focus of ISSS and ourselves is cloud computing security”, explains Mathias Meinke, CTO of oneclick AG and responsible of the architecture of the application delivery and streaming platform of the same name. “Due to repeatedly new threat scenarios for corporate networks, it is important to us to have a continued exchange with security professionals.”

Using oneclick™, applications can be delivered as an encrypted stream from any server location in a central 100% web-based workspace in the server. The platform supports organizations to avoid interruptions regarding availability, integrity, confidentiality and authenticity of their IT systems. Here oneclick™ provides a protective shield between mobile end devices, distributed locations and central application servers, which can be hosted either in the cloud or on-premises of the companies‘ data centres. A multi-level authentication and delivery process ensure reliable decoupling of applications as well as user and company information from the internet. Multi-layer, intelligent systems protect against attackers and diverse types of attack. This largely eliminates the operation of its own IT security infrastructure for companies and necessary services are provided by oneclick as a specialised partner.

About ISSS

An active, independent association, Information Security Society Switzerland (ISSS) focuses on the technical as well as legal security relevant aspects of the information society, both in theory and practice.