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Marie-Theres Pabst in the reference customer interview

We are happy to talk to Marie-Theres Pabst, Process Manager Strategic Partner at GmbH about why chose oneclick™ as its solution and what goals and successes have been achieved through its use. 

About is Germany’s largest vehicle market with around 1.5 million advertised cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles and around 16.9 million individual users per month. Both private customers and more than 42,000 registered vehicle dealers use the platform. As a “one-stop store,” offers buying and selling as well as financing and leasing solutions, among other things. Founded in 1996, the company employs around 270 people in Germany and is a subsidiary of Adevinta.

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Initial situation

  • Decentralized IT with stand-alone solutions at our service partners
  • Data was processed locally at our service partners
  • Lack of interfaces between customer interaction solutions and Salesforce


  • Long onboarding times for new service partners and software applications
  • Increased effort to protect sensitive data
  • Evaluation of key performance indicators only days later


  • Central deployment of all applications via a self-managed platform
  • Easy access to the workspace in the browser, without local client installation
  • Data sovereignty at any time through highly encrypted streaming as well as key figures in real time

What IT solutions were you using for application delivery before you switched to oneclick™?

We are continuously improving the support for our more than 42,000 dealers who use the online marketplace to buy and sell new and used cars. The focus is on increasing dealer satisfaction through exceptional digital customer experiences. For this purpose, we work together with service partners respectively vendors who look after our dealers. Prior to the introduction of oneclick™, the service partners operated their own system landscapes and customer interaction solutions. In addition, some software applications were delivered from our side to the service partners via the Citrix® virtualization solution.

What problem did solve with oneclick™?

We had a functioning environment. Instead of a problem, I would therefore rather speak of an improvement. With the use of oneclick™, we have standardized the complete system landscape for all our service partners. Instead of isolated solutions at the various vendors, there is now a sales and support platform provided centrally by us with numerous integrated applications. Previously, there was no interface between Salesforce, our deployed ERP program, and the customer interaction solutions at the partners. This meant that we could only evaluate important key figures days later, which in turn made it more difficult to manage the partners.

Where did start looking for a solution to the problem?

It all started when we wanted to work with a new software provider that didn’t have a cloud solution on offer. Instead, clients would have had to be installed on the users’ end devices. Although the software was good, this did not match our idea of a modern and easy-to-manage application. The software vendor then proposed using oneclick™ for the web-based delivery of its application. oneclick™ appealed to us so much that today we deliver all essential applications for our partners via the platform. Part of the selection process was also a tender, where we compared different solutions in terms of price and performance.

How did oneclick™ stand out from other options?

In addition to the technical advantages, these were primarily the rapid implementation possibility for the project and the high degree of customizability. oneclick™ is an application delivery platform that is available as an easy-to-use cloud service. Other solutions we have looked at first have to be installed, set up and maintained by the company itself, which is time-consuming. We have a fast-moving business and, as the market leader, we want to regularly set new product accents. Short response times and rapid adaptability are therefore a requirement for every technical partner of ours.

solution support

Was there an obstacle that almost prevented the deployment of oneclick™?

At the beginning, these were internal hurdles. We were using a system landscape that was basically up and running. We therefore had to convince internal departments why we needed a new solution. Together with our colleagues from oneclick, we worked out which additional goals we wanted to achieve and which efficiency advantages we expected from the introduction of the new solution.

What was the decisive product feature for your decision?

The decisive factor for us was the complete package that oneclick™ offers. The platform enables web-based access to all applications and data without having to install or set up anything at our partners. This means we are independent of decentralized and external IT departments, which has significantly simplified and accelerated our processes. Via oneclick™, we also provide a telephony solution for the partners: likewise completely web-based and with excellent quality. In addition, data protection was a key aspect. oneclick™ operates in compliance with GDPR. The applications and data are streamed in encrypted form and are not processed on the users’ end devices. Thus, we always retain data sovereignty. Other plus points are the rights and role management as well as the multi-client capability, which is very helpful for setting up new service partners.

What does like best about working with oneclick™?

We use the managed service offer from oneclick™. This means that we don’t have to worry about anything. oneclick™ organizes all necessary updates and the entire system and user management for us.

What have you achieved by using oneclick™?

Thanks to the centralized and integrated approach of oneclick™, our service partners have been able to triple the net contact rate. Whereas previously customers had to be manually dialed and information transferred from the customer interaction solution in Salesforce by hand, today everything is connected and automated. New software applications and vendors are on-boarded within one business day, which is a big agility advantage over the past, where such processes sometimes took several weeks.

What has exceeded your expectations in working with oneclick™?

The colleagues at oneclick™ think along with us and have a great deal of understanding for our market and customer situation. oneclick™ regularly contributes innovative ideas and suggestions for improvement. The stable and fail-safe platform operation is also very satisfying.