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Working in the Sun – Potential of Mobile Workspaces

[oc_spacer height=”15″]In 2001, a French surgeon removed a patient’s gall bladder. However, at the time the operating surgeon was in New York City and the patient in France, while a robot, controlled by the doctor, executed the movement – a milestone for mobile working. New technologies continue to develop location and time independent working. For example, employees in locations in various countries can work together in real time, or customers at the other end of the world can take part in a product presentation. Here you can learn more about how employees and employers can take advantage of the potential offered by mobile working.

Mobile Working

Work and Travel

“Do a semester abroad, or even better, an exchange year while still at school. Later, when you’re working, you won’t have any time for it!“ – such advice is probably very familiar to members of Generation Y. Many people have the desire to explore the world. However, 25 days‘ paid holidays per year are simply not enough for expansive travel plans. But why should strict work patterns in the times of mobile working continue to exist?

Location and time independent working enables employees to see the world and still keep their job – without taking a sabbatical, loss of income and career break. All that a globetrotter needs for their work is an end device and internet connection – and that you can nowadays even find in the smallest hostels of Patagonia. And the gain to employees is evident: Self-realisation, achievement of goals, irreplaceable (life) experience, new contacts and a lot of inspiration, also for work. And this is exactly where the employer also benefits. The employee gains many more experiences in the big wide world than would have been the case in the office, which can then influence his or her work and lead to more creative and innovative solutions. The globetrotting employee can also make important contacts overseas and therefore win new partners and customers for the company.

Pad & Breakfast and Co.: the growing Infrastructure for Mobile Working

Due to the popularity of mobile working, there are already special platforms and networks for networking abroad. According to the 2017 Global Coworking Survey, there were already 13,800 co-working spaces worldwide last year. 71% indicated, that they have already started to work together with other coworkers – from support with small tasks up to setting up a new business.

The tourism sector has also jumped on the bandwagon of mobile working and offers in many locations so called “Pad & Breakfasts‘‘ (from iPad). Ideally, these accommodation facilities aim to fulfil the demands of tourists and business travellers alike, so that the mobile worker both finds ideal conditions for their work abroad and for relaxing, once the laptop is closed for the day.

Working on trips

Mobile Working and Business 2.0

The transition to more flexible working patterns enables on one hand a more individual work and life balance. On the other hand, it opens new business potentials. Thanks to the complete independence relating to location, time and end device, business ideas can be realised with little cost. As an example, a start-up can do completely without any office space and a minimum of staff. Freelance experts from around the world can be engaged for the realisation of ideas, who offer the exact knowledge and experience needed, without having to create resources for a position.

Mobile working allows people worldwide to work together – intuitively and without barriers. Through the exchange of expertise and ideas of people from various cultures, a huge pool of information and contacts forms, which can then also be used to develop new business potentials and income streams. In the age of globalisation, our world is increasingly networked, people become more mobile, they spend a few months abroad or even move their whole life to another country. Work should mirror this opening of the world. Employees not only feel fulfilled by mobile working, but location independent working also creates new ideas, contacts and business potentials.

Effective mobile working is no longer a problem with the digital workspaces of oneclick. Whether your employees are currently on a business trip in Singapore, or trekking in Peru – thanks to mobile workspaces, they are able to to access all required software applications and data relevant for their work – mobile, securely and device independent:


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