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Hybrid Cloud as a driver for digital transformation

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Digitalisation is progressing and forces companies to adapt to changed circumstances to remain competitive. This is also shown in a study by the European data centre provider Interxion, which was carried out in cooperation with IDC. Around 70% of the surveyed German companies indicated that they have to go digital in the next two years. However, often companies are reluctant to handle change processes as the necessary steps for a successful development are largely unkown.

This study also demonstrates that digital pioneers rely, in particular, on a flexible infrastructure. Here, they focus especially on hybrid cloud environments. Altogether around ¾ of these companies are currently planning or implementing hybrid cloud projects. And around half of these pioneers also intend to replace their own data centre and operate outsourcing. They expect that this will result in cost savings and more flexibility. At the same time, around 60% of decision makers reckon that the IT infrastructure’s high flexibility and performance will be the most important drivers for a successful digital transformation.

With oneclick™, this undertaking becomes a reality. oneclick™ is an Application Delivery and Streaming Platform, which is available worldwide as a service. It allows the deployment of applications and data from any server location (on-premise, cloud) as a stream in a central workspace in a browser. Users can access their secure and mobile work environment with any end device. There is no need for the installation of software components from oneclick™ on servers for remote access, nor the installation of clients or plug-ins on end devices. Directly from oneclick™, using the Cloud Resource Manager, you can provide and administer virtual machines in the data centres of well-known Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers. As a result, you create your own hybrid infrastructures with only a few clicks and the help of oneclick™.

Through the deployment of software applications and data via a central platform in a workspace using streaming, oneclick™ solves a number of common IT problems and increases productivity, mobility and security. In comparison to traditional or alternative solution approaches, you save around 75% of your IT costs. Find out more about oneclick™ and how we, together with IT consultancy firm Sogeti, can support you with hybrid cloud concepts for a successful digital transformation.

The complete results of the study can be found in the following illustration:

Hybrid Cloud - Studie Interxion