Gartner® Predicts 2024: build a sustainable and collaborative digital workplace infrastructure

Gartner® certifies the oneclick™ Unified Workspaces a high utility value

The oneclick™ platform for the provision of digital workspaces is listed in the current Gartner® 2020 Hype Cycle Report for Digital Workplace Infrastructure and Operations as an innovative technology with enormous potential.

Gartner® Hype Cycle Reports help IT managers and business leaders assess the risk and maturity level of innovation and better understand the trends and opportunities for their own organisation.

In general, Gartner® sees a trend towards greater agility in the infrastructure and operation of the digital workplace, i.e. decision-makers are focusing on flexible and scalable technologies. Covid-19 has also greatly accelerated the shift towards remote working, as working from home has become the new norm for much of the workforce in many industries.

Cloud Desktop - BYOD

A Unified Workspace is a user-centric delivery model that provides access to all business-critical applications and data from any location through a central web interface. Access can be made via the browser independent of the end device. The Unified Workspace platform takes care of the unique authentication of users and includes extensive security measures for remote work.

The oneclick™ platform connects web apps, native applications, cloud desktops and data

Gartner® recommends that organisations update their roadmaps and prioritise investment in new technology to ensure they keep up with the pace. According to Gartner®, Unified Workspaces have enormous potential.

However, the oneclick™ platform goes beyond the technology of a Unified Workspace. Thanks to the integration of 2-way audio, oneclick™ offers the right solution for every maturity level of digital transformation, from the simple provision of individual applications as Software-as-a-Service to a fully digitalised workspace. This offers user-friendly and highly secure access to all business applications and data via a central web portal, including the possibility of integrating collaboration tools and Voice over IP.

Helping with digital transformation

Gartner® is seeing more and more strategic initiatives in organisations that aim to consolidate different tools into holistic solutions, reduce IT complexity and improve the user experience. The continuous optimisation of precisely these points is part of the mission of the oneclick™ platform.

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