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Application Management Service: What you should know

Application management is becoming increasingly important in many companies. Through a targeted application management service, companies can adapt more easily and effectively to the requirements of the market. However, many companies still don’t know how to use an Application Management Service effectively, while these solutions offer comprehensive opportunities.

What are Application Management Services?

The various Application Management Services are abbreviated as AMS. Basically, AMS can be divided into a technical and a functional component. Above all, the functional side plays an important role for most companies. The use of everyday applications and business processes often plays a significant role and cost companies time and energy for provision, maintenance and optimisation. Through an Application Management Service, these areas can be outsourced to an appropriate specialised partner. The responsible service partner takes over the complete application-related infrastructure, the maintenance and support of the applications and the direct support of the employees in case of questions or problems. Accordingly, the company can fall back on a number of programs and applications without having to take over their management in-house.

The Technical Background of the AMS

AMS also offers many technical advantages. By outsourcing application services, companies gain reliability, speed and flexibility, since the structuring and monitoring of applications is carried out by specialised companies and access to the necessary solutions is possible at any time. The cloud-based Application Management Service also allows much more flexible access, since solutions are accessible at any time across all end devices and at all workstations.

Current Trends in the Area of Application Management Service

The current trends in Application Management Service show that most providers are increasingly focusing on and specialising in this area. Targeted and accelerated industry expertise plays a particularly important role in this. By specialising in certain industries and thus in certain applications, AMS companies can position themselves more effectively in the market and offer their own customers an even higher level of know-how and support. This enables companies to increase customer satisfaction, clearly differentiate themselves from their competitors in an increasingly competitive market and establish themselves on the market.

Trends in the Area of Application Management Service

A further trend in the area of Application Management Service is meeting the needs of companies. Through the industrialisation of processes and the automatic operation in many areas, applications and their monitoring can be standardised and automated. This significantly reduces the workload for the companies, which allows more customers to be served without a drop in service.

This is how Application Management Service Processes Run Optimally

When using different applications, companies must be able to rely on many features and functions at all times and to the full extent. This means that the applications must always be accessible, up-to-date and quickly retrievable. These important cornerstones are ensured and guaranteed by the companies in the Application Management Service area. Not only support staff are available online and in the data centres, but often also on-site at the customer’s premises to ensure quality assurance and security in everyday operations. The most important thing about Application Management Service is that it is integrated intelligently and planned into the company’s existing IT landscape and thus accepted quickly and easily by users. Simple and above all fast access to the individual applications and the associated low barrier thresholds are important prerequisites for the successful implementation of such services in most companies.

oneclick™ as a Solution with Highest Efficiency

oneclick™ has already been well established in the area of application management for some time and above all offers fast and absolutely intuitive access. Thanks to the desktop solution directly in the cloud, customers can access their own desktop at any time and practically anywhere and carry out the desired operations. Be it a quick note, a calendar entry or the use of special, company-owned tools and services.

This is also where Application Management at oneclick™ comes in. All applications can be managed centrally, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Whether the applications are managed by a service provider or in-house also depends on the individual requirements of the company.

Open and clear communication, transparent prices and fast and direct access to the desired applications characterise oneclick™ across the board. Companies can use oneclick™ to not only streamline many important business processes, but also significantly accelerate them and thus ensure greater cost-effectiveness.



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