Infrastructure Package - Virtual Desktop

oneclick™ Virtual Desktop – Single User

Do you want an out-of-the-box and ubiquitous PC in the Cloud?

The oneclick™ Virtual Desktops are performant and accessible at any time via an encrypted connection over the browser, making them ideal for mobile use and cross-device working.

A combination of strong brands in a harmonized package

Your uncomplicated and secure start with the Cloud

Designed for the individual user and equipped with administrative rights, you always have full control over your personal cloud desktop and can install all the applications you want on it. Compared to a physical computer, your data is located in a professional and secure data center, which means you no longer have problems with defective, lost or stolen end devices.

Virtual Desktop

Get an overview of the possible packages and available add-ons. Start today with your oneclick™ Virtual Desktop!

Our price/performance ratio

is unique on the market!

Volume discounts and the significant

time savings in the provision

via oneclick™ make this possible.

Virtual Desktop in monthly subscription

Virtual Desktop in yearly subscription

from € 34.90

from € 24.90

per user / month

Available data centers

USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria


up to 8 vCores


up to 30 GB

Storage (100% Premium SSD)

up to 800 GB


up to unlimited

Network speed

up to 1 Gbit/s
Microsoft® Windows Server 2019 (64 Bit) License

Pre-configured Windows Operating System including installed updates

Microsoft® Defender Antivirus

Protection by activating a proven set of rules for the Windows firewall

Regular automated snapshots as backup

Setup fee

oneclick™ Hybrid Printer for simple cloud printing scenarios

incl. oneclick™ Basic

For direct Virtual Desktop access via the browser from any end device, thanks to powerful and highly encrypted streaming, without VPN.


  • one User Basic License (Named)
    with 2-factor-authentication
  • one App License Standard

Compared to the regular market price of the package you save € 15 per user / month.

All packages are billed monthly per user in the monthly subscription. The prices do not include VAT.
All packages are billed monthly per user in the yearly subscription. The prices do not include VAT.

With our packages you save

more than 200 manual setup

steps for the provision

and synchronization of

the individual solutions.

Optional add-ons

Upon request, we can pre-install these applications for free*

Microsoft® Office 365: Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® Powerpoint etc.


Onlyoffice: Office and productivity apps

Upon request, we can pre-install these applications for free*


Microsoft® Office 365: Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® Powerpoint etc.

Onlyoffice: Office and productivity apps

* The pre-installation does not include a license.

Add-ons per user and month

Upgrade oneclick™ Professional

Includes additionally:

  • 1 GB Hybrid Drive
  • oneclick™ Desk – for central access to further desktops or applications

€ 6.50

€ 5.00

Printix Secure Cloud Print Management for complex cloud printing scenarios

€ 1.99

€ 1.99

Managed Security (powered by F-Secure) with Cyber Assurance Standard

Included security services:

  • Anti malware
  • Centrally managed firewall
  • Application control

Includes additionally:

  • Cyber Assurance Standard (up to € 250 coverage per user)

    learn more

€ 6.50

€ 5.00

ACRONIS Cyber Backup
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Backup storage included (German data center)
  • Daily data backup, up to 90 days retention
  • System recovery and file recovery

€ 6.50

€ 5.00

Disaster Recovery Management (powered by ACRONIS)

€ 6.50

€ 5.00

Thin Client

For more information on suitable Lenovo devices, please contact our sales team.

upon request

upon request

FabulaTech USB Redirection Client

For using special input devices, such as the SpaceMouse from 3Dconnexion.

€ 6.50

€ 5.00

F-Secure Endpoint Security (per end device)

€ 4.00

€ 3.00

Microsoft® Office 365 Enterprise E3 License

only available in annual subscription

€ 19.70

Microsoft® Office 365 Enterprise E5 License

only available in annual subscription

€ 34.40

XignSys Authentication solution for smartphones

€ 0.59

€ 0.59

White Label

upon request

upon request

All packages are billed monthly per user in the monthly subscription. The prices do not include VAT.
All packages are billed monthly per user in the yearly subscription. The prices do not include VAT.

Individual packages with Managed Service

On project basis for enterprise customers | software vendors | Managed Service Providers

Individual design and white label possibility

We are happy to design the web portal for access to the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure according to your preferences. The provided Windows desktop and the optional oneclick™ desk for central access to other VDIs or applications can also be customized. This allows you to bind your employees or service providers more closely to your company. Software vendors and system integrators can use the white label possibility to highlight their own brand.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any requirements for using the Virtual Desktop?


We recommend using only the latest versions of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Browser. You can find out which browsers are still supported in our product support.


We use webRTC for our streaming protocols, which is a requirement for optimal streaming quality and speed. In order to use webRTC, the end user’s security systems, e.g. firewalls, require the enabling of “UDP higher ports”. Further information is available from your firewall vendor.


We recommend a minimum bandwidth of 1.5 Mbps per user at Full HD resolution. Accordingly, a bandwidth of at least 12 Mbit/s is required for 8 users for smooth working. The optional oneclick™ App High Performance may be required for smooth video streaming.

Can I use Microsoft Office 365 on a oneclick™ Single-User Virtual Desktop?

All current versions of Microsoft Office for which you have a valid licence can be installed on a oneclick™ Virtual Desktop. In order to ensure consistent and audit-proof licensing, we recommend ordering Microsoft licences directly from oneclick™. oneclick™ is a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and Microsoft Qualified Multitenant Hoster (QMTH). Please contact our sales department for more information.

Can I use collaboration tools such as Zoom or Teams on the Virtual Desktop?

oneclick™ currently only supports collaboration via audio. Video chats or video telephony is not supported at the moment.

Can I print from the Virtual Desktop?

oneclick™ can be used to access any printer that is locally available via the end device. The print function in oneclick™ creates a PDF document and makes it available to the user for local printing. Optionally, we offer the cloud printing service Printix for more extensive requirements.

Can I use oneclick™ Virtual Desktop with more users than stated?

The oneclick™ virtual desktops are designed for single use. We therefore recommend that you do not deviate from the maximum number of users specified by oneclick. If you need more users in one environment, we recommend our Multi User VDI environments. Please contact our sales department for individual advice.

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