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Strengthen your Brand with oneclick™

[oc_spacer height=”15″]As of now, the oneclick™ platform is available as a white label. Your own company logo or key visual can be integrated into the oneclick™ Desk. This results in many opportunities to customise the workspaces of employees, customers and partners.

The new white label option allows the design of the oneclick™ Desk as per your own preferences and to incorporate your own branding in the digital workspaces. This ensures higher visibility and improved awareness of your brand. Users come into touch with the brand every day, which raises awareness and brand identity. With oneclick™ companies strengthen employer branding by providing higher identification and an emotional bond.

The oneclick™ platform ensures that applications and data from any server location are provided in a user-friendly workspace in the browser. This allows staff to work completely independent of location, time and device, making the company a more attractive employer. Your staff only need internet access and an HTML5-supported browser. The end device is either provided by the company, or the employee uses their own preferred technological environment. During working hours, any device becomes a branded workspace with oneclick™ as a white label. Nevertheless, the company keeps full control over all data and authorised applications.

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