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Field report colpari: 100% web-based 2-way audio telephony via VDI

Voice over IP now also works a in virtual environments – colpari is one of the first company to use the new 2-way audio function of the oneclick™ platform.

VoIP telephony in virtualised infrastructures today: Complicated, expensive and low quality due to latencies and compression

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is becoming increasingly important as a delivery model for applications and data due to the rapidly growing number of home office and remote workstations. Until now, however, it has not been possible to provide software-based telephony solutions and make “2-Way” calls without the complex installation of a VDI solution on the servers and without clients / plug-ins on each end devices. The user experience is often aggravated by latencies that lead to low audio quality and impair the telephony experience. Many companies try to solve the problem with high bandwidth and well-equipped end devices, which pushes up costs.

2-Way Audio with oneclick™

2-Way Audio with oneclick™: ready-to-use cloud service with high performance

The oneclick™ platform as a turnkey VDI solution from the cloud has now solved this problem with the new 2-way audio function. oneclick™ uses algorithms to optimize the transmission rates when streaming hosted applications so that the user always receives the best image quality via the web browser at maximum low bandwidth. With the streaming technology of oneclick™, audio signals are transmitted almost in real-time without audio playback suffering due to compression. This also enables the delivery of Windows-based telephony solutions via a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure using Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) by means of a simple plug & play procedure without client installation on the end devices.

Holistic workstation offer of oneclick

colpari decides in favour of oneclick because of the new 2-way audio function and because of the holistic workstation offer, after having tested different providers

colpari is a “Customer-Service-as-a-Service” platform, which is used by customers like HAPPYCAR. The company offers new technologies and business models in the call and contact centre market – especially in the area of remote and home office work. Since 2019, colpari has been using oneclick™, after the company had previously analysed and tested other options such as AWS and Azure on a standalone basis and classic virtualisation providers such as Citrix. To round out the offer, oneclick™ offers together with the German Virtual Desktop Infrastructure “from the socket” (from 29,90€ per user/month) a preconfigured Thin-Client-Appliance from Thomas-Krenn (from 3,79€ per user/month) for the provision of turnkey home office workstations. This holistic approach has convinced colpari.

Oliver Farr - CEO of colpari

Positive conclusion of the managing director

Managing Director Oliver Farr is enthusiastic: “No other solution has met our requirements. Either programs had to be installed on the computers of our partners or the configuration and setup were very complex and had to be handled by a specialist. The solution from oneclick, which we had not yet found on the market in this way, is the provision of programs via a central workspace in the browser. All the tools we need for our daily work can be accessed via the web-based interface with one click, including automatic user login. Based on roles and rights we can provide the required programs and websites. Our partners no longer have to accept long click paths. This saves time and reduces complexity to a minimum. Besides our partners, our clients are another stakeholder group. They have the most diverse systems, requirements and security demands, which have to be covered by the technical infrastructure. What was particularly important to us: 100% GDPR conformity. This is given with oneclick™, so that all parties involved can feel secure. In the further development of the cloud service, the team at oneclick has demonstrated impressive speed. What we were missing to centralize our virtual customer service platform was the integration of 2-way audio. Thanks to the new development, our partners now only need one headset and can get started immediately. oneclick™ takes care of the entire provisioning and transmits the audio signal securely and clearly. The bottom line is that we have not been able to identify any other provider on the market who can offer us such a comprehensive workplace solution with predictable and flexible costs.”


About colpari

colpari breaks down the segmentation of the contact center and CRM market, lowers the costs for companies to have a professional customer service with all components, connects people around the world to always have the right expert and is as flexible as a SaaS solution. Without fixed costs or contract terms.


Oliver Farr
Founder & CEO | colpari
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