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VISPA and oneclick™: Redesigning the future of remote workshops

Interactive, virtual meetings via the browser promote efficient collaboration and strengthen the performance of organizations, while necessary travel can be reduced or avoided.

The situation around Covid-19 has led to an enormous increase in home office and remote work. For many people, virtual business meetings via Zoom or Teams are now part of their daily work routine, even though they are often perceived as much more tiring than face-to-face meetings.

Developed by moderation & 3D business app professionals

The VISPA technology is designed to remedy boring and inefficient meetings. VISPA has been developed by moderation and 3D business app professionals and provides virtual rooms as well as avatars for online meetings, which can be designed individually. Moderators and participants can place whiteboards, write notes, draw freely and integrate existing graphic elements. Participants move playfully through the virtual rooms and can switch from a bird’s eye, ego or board perspective. Useful moderation tools such as timers and voting options round off the experience.

Chris von Bock
CEO Product
Simon Walk
Patrick Müller
CEO Business
Sebastian Göbel
CEO Business
Customer Development
Kornelius Filbinger
Customer Development

Immersive workshops, despite travel restrictions

“VISPA makes personally experienced and varied workshops possible again, despite the current travel restrictions,” says Sebastian Göbel, CEO of VISPA. “We will continue to revolutionize business life after Covid-19. Virtual workshops & meetings can be conducted more efficiently and do not lose the personal and real atmosphere of the physical world because of VISPA. To pin something on board at the same time while talking, pointing and interacting with other users as an avatar – especially when you are creating something together as a team – is a completely different feeling than when you are in a video call with a shared presentation. This creates commitment from the participants and this commitment leads to top results.“


Everyone can see what others are working on

With VISPA, results can be organized more easily and independently of time. The results are permanently stored in the virtual project rooms, which in turn can be accessed from anywhere and for as long as necessary. Everybody stays up to date and can make his or her contribution. This approach saves time for preparation and post-processing, because moderators no longer need to hang up, sort or photograph the content. Everything is simply there. At any time. Users log in and see all produced results. VISPA is an opportunity to further immerse into digitization and establish it.

VISPA virtual project room

From the vision to the technical provision of the app

“We designed VISPA as a native Windows and Mac application because of the range of functions required,” said Simon Walk, Chief Technology Officer of the startup. “However, larger corporations in particular prefer a browser solution due to restrictive security policies. For this reason, we were unable to serve some projects, such as those of interested banks and insurance companies. We were therefore looking for a technological solution to stream our existing application and at the same time meet the security requirements.”

VISPA Application

Smooth streaming, 2-way audio and encryption

“We were immediately thrilled!” says Dominik Birgelen, CEO of oneclick AG.  “Our platform for the easy and secure provisioning of applications and data and the innovative collaboration possibilities of VISPA complement each other ideally. For web-based delivery, we can leverage two of our major strengths, namely the smooth streaming of high-resolution image environments and the 2-way transmission of qualitative audio signals via the browser. Both are done highly encrypted.“

VISPA oneclick provisioning

A high-performance and graphics accelerated infrastructure in the Open Telekom Cloud

“The VISPA application runs on a high-performance and graphics accelerated infrastructure in the Open Telekom Cloud. Our startup is supported by the TechBoost program of Deutsche Telekom. In the future, we want to serve all customers via the new streaming model,” sums up Chris von Bock, CEO of VISPA. “The download version shall no longer exist, so that we can standardize and simplify our presentation, demo and rollout processes with oneclick™. In the next step, the infrastructure in the Open Telekom Cloud will be deployed as a so-called scale-set, so that capacities are automatically scaled up and down depending on the number of users currently logged on. With this setup and this partner constellation, we can offer our customers an outstanding performance.“

Try out VISPA now

If you would like to try out the beta version of VISPA in the Open Telekom Cloud and streamed into your browser via the oneclick™ platform, please fill out the following contact form. We will immediately organize a test account for you.