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oneclick launches online community with Channeliser

[oc_spacer height=”15″]The collaboration with Channeliser will provide a oneclick Community for oneclick partners. The community is a real innovation, as partners and resellers can interact with oneclick and also view its partner content. Users can ask questions, contribute to discussions, collaborate and connect with other partners creating a true partner community. The portal provides a vital element for oneclick as it will allow the company to forge closer working relationships with its partner community where there is open communication for mutual benefits.


Dominik Birgelen, CEO of oneclick, commented: “This is an important step in our growth as we are bringing our partners together into an interactive community – a Channeliser Huddle. We are building our very own community for our partners where we can talk to both new and existing partners and they can also see all the important news and product information as well as meet and message one another. This will help partners across different locations work together and help us keep our arms around them, making sure they are all kept up to date.”

The online community will not only allow oneclick partners and customers to communicate amongst themselves and directly with oneclick, but it will also enable them to use the portal as a forum for recruiting new business, forge partnerships, discuss common problems and find solutions. The entire community will be able to benefit from the portal as it gives them the opportunity to recruit new businesses from outside oneclick community.

Nehal Thakore, Director of Business Development at oneclick, emphasised: “We have hundreds of partners who have expressed an interest in our oneclick™ cloud solution, which is hugely encouraging, but managing them and their needs is becoming increasingly pressurised and we needed to find a solution fast – Channeliser is offering us that solution as we can quickly and easily keep in contact with all our partners when they are in our Channeliser Huddle.”

Jacqui Rand, Co-founder of Channeliser responded: “We are delighted to have oneclick as a Channeliser Huddle customer as they represent everything that is exciting about our industry in 2018; a new Born-in-the-cloud supplier, with great technology and who understand the changing channel landscape and sees the need to be in-touch with their partners, not forcing them into a complex partner portal where they are expected to do the work and go find what they need on their own. oneclick cloud is poised to grow rapidly and therefore needed to be able to communicate with its partners in one place, but in lots of different and social ways. It’s an interactive and social world these days, not a hierarchy – and oneclick cloud recognise this. We know the company will do well and we will be there on its journey as it recruits new partners in Germany, Benelux, UK and North America.”

oneclick is poised to expand its partner channel as its solution is rapidly gaining momentum as partners are faced with the challenge of providing a unified and secure digital environment for their customers that is simple to provision and monitor. The partner program and support offered by oneclick cloud sets the business apart, along with the technology that automatically provisions the IT resources, making it so much more straightforward for partners to provide an exemplary service to customers.

About Channeliser

Channeliser provides solutions for engaging IT channel partners. Designed specifically for the IT industry Channeliser builds communities where business partners can interact with content and collaterals, ask questions and contribute, in a social and interactive way. Channeliser provides a wide range of easy-to-use social functions that address all elements of finding and building partner relationships as well as delivering a range of community and networking capabilities that builds better partner engagement.

  • Channeliser Huddle – bring all your partners or potential partners together in a single secure, online community on Channeliser, with the tools to nurture and develop your engagement – so much more than an email monologue.
  • Channeliser Hub – is a community within a community, your own neighbourhood on Channeliser; for those with a complex ecosystem of different partner types and the need to segment these and target with different communications, effectively and easily.
  • Channeliser Hive – drives partner traffic back to your own Portal or website. This SaaS solution can be customised, branded and embedded into your own bespoke interactive community on your portal or website.