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oneclick AG joins German Startups Association

After tackling the first hurdles as a start-up successfully, we would like to actively support a ‘founder-friendly’ Germany as part of its membership in the German Startups Association. “From the beginning, in the early start-up phase we received a lot of support from government bodies and networks that are open to the public”, emphasises Dominik Birgelen, CEO and one of the founders of oneclick AG. “We would like to start early and give something back to society”, adds Mr Birgelen. “This is the reason for our involvement in networks to actively participate and share our experiences with other founders.”

“Apart from an incredible work load and innovative team performances, a successful start-up also needs a bit of luck”, says Dominik Birgelen. “A good team and a convincing product have to hit the market place at the right time in the right place”, add Mathias Meinke and Florian Bodner, the other two founders of oneclick AG. “To reach a high level of auccess, all aspects must come together at the same time. Right from the beginning you have to focus on the one thing you can do really well.”

Combining start-up interests

As a network, the German Startups Association connects founders, start-ups and their friends. “We promote a positive image of start-ups in society by organising campaigns and events“, said Mirco Dragowski, Managing Director of the German Startups Association. “We develop political agendas and represent them in the political arena, always keeping in mind a well functioning eco system for start-ups”, explains Mr Dragowski. “Nothing is more important for a sustainable flourishing economy than innovative entrepreneurship and a start-up mentality in society. ”

The German Startups Association was founded in Berlin in 2012. The Association is the representative and voice of start-ups in Germany. It explains and represents the interests, points of view and concerns of start-up businesses against legislative bodies, administration and the public. The Association sees itself as the network of start-ups in Germany.