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ARIKON relies on the oneclick™ platform for the web-based deployment of graphics-intensive applications

One of the main service providers for the Gigafactory in Grünheide, ARIKON, shifts the planning and rendering of 3D models to the cloud and enables high-performance and secure remote access.

ARIKON deals with all facets of large construction projects

The German construction company ARIKON is active in the fields of structural and civil engineering, electrical engineering, infrastructure and environmental technology as well as project management. ARIKON has recently drawn attention in connection with the Gigafactory, since the general contractor takes over works at the Grünheide site southeast of Berlin as one of the main service providers.


Digitally planned is half built

“Today’s demands on buildings are very high. With our experience as object and general planners in the field of housing, administration, embassy, laboratory and hospital construction, we have a broad expertise. We believe that digitally planned is half built”, says Michal Korte, managing director of ARIKON Digitale Baukunst GmbH, the architecture and planning office of the ARIKON Group. “That is why we support our extensive experience with harmonized digital tools, processes and methods such as Building Information Modeling.”


Left: Archicad 23, 3D model in LOD 350, Right: Twinmotion as direct connection to the Real Time VR simulation.

Stable continuous performance and scalability of the infrastructure necessary

“In Building Information Modeling, all relevant building data is digitally modeled, combined and captured,” adds Falk Huneke, managing director of Pro Projekt GmbH, also a company of the ARIKON Group and specialized in management services for the development and implementation of IT projects. “The technical requirements for complex planning of this kind are enormous. Speed, reliability and above all scalability are decisive factors. The integrated 3D planning with rule-based model checking, model-based issue management as well as 3D models up to realistic VR simulations in real time can only be achieved by relying on digital tools that enable stable continuous performance at the highest level.”

oneclick™ Platform

Moving rendering to the cloud

For the web-based delivery of CAD / 3D applications, ARIKON uses the oneclick™ platform, which specializes in providing digital workspaces. Users access the required work environment via an encrypted connection over a browser. The streaming protocol developed by oneclick™ guarantees high performance by optimizing the transfer rates so that users always receive the best image quality with the lowest possible bandwidth. This also works for graphics-intensive applications that normally can only be executed on costly equipped workstations in the office. In contrast, oneclick™ is shifting the entire image generation – the so-called rendering – to the cloud.

Man and woman working on planning

Access via mobile devices from construction sites

“We see the great added value of oneclick™ in the fact that we are no longer dependent on inflexible hardware,” says Falk Huneke. “With oneclick™, our users can access graphics-intensive applications and data at central hosting locations directly from construction sites with any mobile device, such as large models and blueprints generated using Graphisoft’s Archicad software. The costs for application deployment decrease considerably and become variable. Simultaneously we optimize our processes and save time.”

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