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Do you need a new IT environment for a start-up or an independent business unit?

Drive growth and innovation with digital workplaces from oneclick™.

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Are you facing these challenges?

High initial investment

Your start-up or new business unit has limited funds. The acquisition of hardware, licenses and IT infrastructure can take up a considerable part of your budget.

Long setup times and expert knowledge

Setting up a complete IT infrastructure is time-consuming and requires expert knowledge, which is keeping you very long, especially in the initial phase when agility and quick results are important.

Scaling issues

The growth of a start-up is unpredictable. Inflexible IT can inhibit growth for it cannot scale quickly enough to meet growing demands.

This is how oneclick™ supports your ambitious start-up

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“When we founded our start-up, we knew how critical the right IT infrastructure would be to our success. Thanks to oneclick™, we were able to focus on achieving a product-market fit quickly without worrying about our IT.”

Elizabeth Robinson, IT-Manager, Start-Up Founder, 20 Employees

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Answers to your most important questions

We understand your situation and offer a solution that allows you to easily overcome the IT challenges of launching a start-up.

How does oneclick™ help optimize IT costs for start-ups?

oneclick™ means no high upfront investment in servers or end devices, payment only for actually used resources, savings on maintenance or updates, and less need for IT staff.

When does the use of oneclick™ make sense?

With oneclick™ you can easily and quickly deploy cloud desktops. This is helpful especially if you want to use specialized desktop applications or legacy software that is not available as a web version.

What additional value does oneclick™ offer?

Particularly when using multiple applications, integrating them in a centralized desktop environment is much better and more clearly. The oneclick™ Unified Workspace offers single sign-on without having to log in to each application individually.

How does oneclick™ help with data security?

oneclick™ enables structured control of data access based on user roles and rights. Although employees can access from anywhere via highly encrypted streaming, applications and data remain at the designated hosting location.

What makes oneclick™ attractive for winning top talents?

Top talents value innovation and a good work-life balance. oneclick™ enables access to the resources they need with their preferred (private) end device from anywhere and at any time. As an employer, you can thus offer a flexible and digital working environment.

Can oneclick™ adapt to changing requirements?

With oneclick™ you can react quickly to changing requirements, be it the onboarding of new employees, the expansion of IT resources or the integration of new software applications all without complex and time-consuming IT projects.

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