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Real and secure Bring-Your-Own-Device

The trend to mobile devices increases continuously. More and more employees are equipped with mobile devices for their workplace. However, most of the time the devices provided by companies are not the latest technology. Often much better and more modern equipment is used privately than at work. This has resulted in a demand by staff to Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD). This concept enables employees to use their private devices for work. The use of personal devices can also allow more flexibility regarding working times and location. Employees are more satisfied and productive as they are able to adjust work to their personal needs and living conditions. This helps to realise a good work-life-balance and makes employers more attractive. Ultimately the company saves considerable costs as the provision and support of devices is no longer required.

With the benefits of Bring-Your-Own-Device there are, however, also negative components associated. Data protection and insufficient compatibility of devices pose a big challenge for companies. It has to be ensured that software licenses in use are also designed for commercial use. IT departments are sceptical against the use of Bring-Your-Own-Device as they fear a loss of control. The security of the devices in use is seen as a risk, but also those applications, which are used outside of work. These are the reasons why Bring-Your-Own-Device has seen only very slow take-up in many organisations.

Problems can be eliminated with the oneclick™ Application Delivery and Streaming Platform, while taking full advantage of the benefits of Bring-Your-Own-Device. Via the oneclick™ platform, applications are provided from any connected server location in a workspace in the browser. The workspace can be accessed with any device. oneclick™ operates 100% web-based. Here, the browser provides a secure barrier to the work environment using a sophisticated authentication and deployment procedure, without having to limit the device in its functions via a complicated and expensive Mobile Device Management. Employees can use their personal devices without the occurrence of compatibility problems. Local data storage can be optionally activated or de-activated. The unique streaming technology of oneclick™ enables fast and secure remote access to all applications and data in use by the business. Through the deployment of all software applications via a central platform, correct licensing can be ensured and shadow IT be avoided. The IT department has a simple-to-use administration interface and maintains full control over all software in use and access rights to data.