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How can you ensure modern and robust IT, despite a shortage of skilled workers?

With oneclick™ and our managed service packages you enable a perfectly functioning IT.

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Are you facing these challenges?

Lengthy recruitment processes

It takes you months to find and hire qualified IT specialists due to the shortage of skilled workers, or you have to divert resources from other projects.

Elaborate training and onboarding of new IT employees

Both the training and onboarding of new IT staff and the implementation of new technologies and solutions with existing colleagues affect productivity over a longer period of time.

Fluctuation and dependence on key personnel

High staff turnover or dependence on a few specialists poses risks to IT operations. If these key people leave the company or are absent, this leads to significant business interruptions and knowledge gaps.

This is how oneclick™ supports you in smooth IT operations, even with a lack of skilled staff

Three strategies against staff shortages.


A trunkey platform service for application deployment – easy to use for administrators and end users.

virtualization via kvm

Flexible supplementary IT service management supports you during setup and ongoing operation.


An integrated Learning Management System (LMS) guarantees quick familiarization and continous help.

“With oneclick™ we have found a solution that provides us with a solid IT basis despite staff shortages. Onboarding new team members is smooth and our existing team can work more efficiently. The combination of an intuitive platform and a reliable managed service makes all the difference.”

Mattie Maldonado, CEO, Call Center Agency, 70 Employees

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Answers to your most important questions

We understand your situation and offer a solution that will help you easily overcome the IT challenges posed by scarce human resources.

How does oneclick™ relieve my IT team?

With the digital workplaces from oneclick™, you can implement a much more lightweight model for application deployment than with your own physical servers, installing applications on endpoints, or on-premises virtualization.

Can oneclick™ shorten the training period for new IT staff?

oneclick™ is an intuitive platform that enables new IT staff to quickly find their way around. Instead of having to deal with multiple, fragmented systems, they get a single point of access to resources. They don't need lengthy certifications like with Citrix or VMware.

What do the oneclick™ managed service packages help with?

Our experts can take over the setup as well as the continuous monitoring, maintenance and optimization of your complete client desktop infrastructure, including associated backend servers, so that your team can take care of strategic IT tasks.

How does oneclick™ ensure IT security with fewer staff?

Thanks to integrated security functions and a Security Operation Center (SOC), oneclick™ ensures that your IT environment remains secure even without constant manual monitoring and maintenance activities by your team.

How flexibly can I react to staff shortages in the IT team with oneclick™?

With oneclick™ you can bridge personnel bottlenecks in the IT area without having to accept a loss of quality. Thanks to the automation of processes, existing employees can handle more tasks without you having to hire additional staff.

What training opportunities does oneclick™ offer for my team?

oneclick™ has an integrated Learning Management System (LMS) with numerous videos and a well-documented product support. This ensures that your team is always up to date with the latest technology and uses the platform and its possibilities effectively.

Choose between six solutions, depending on your requirements

Defy the shortage of skilled workers!

With oneclick™ and our managed service packages, you keep your IT in the best possible shape, regardless of staff fluctuations.