Gartner® Predicts 2024: build a sustainable and collaborative digital workplace infrastructure

Modern, scalable and secure digital workplaces – no matter where, when and how many

In 2024, 64% of organizations are modernizing legacy IT systems and applications to improve their growth, operational efficiency, and resilience to disruption.

CIO Leadership Vision for 2024, Gartner

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oneclick™ is a complete platform service to …

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You can focus on your core business instead of dealing with complex IT challenges.

Why choose a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) approach for application deployment?

The oneclick™ Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a complete cloud environment that includes everything you need to deploy, operate and deliver software applications. The benefits of a PaaS compared to setting up, running and maintaining your own environment include:

Faster time to market

You have instant access to a complete application deployment platform that you don’t have to set up or manage, freeing up your time. time.

Less maintenance effort

Self-managed technical systems present challenges, especially when it comes to upgrades. With our oneclick PaaS, we are responsible for keeping everything up to date.

Lower costs

The resources for our oneclick PaaS are on-demand, so you only pay for what you actually use. We also provide access to advanced tools that are too expensive for smaller user numbers.e.

Easier scalability

No more worrying about capacity. Our oneclick™ PaaS lets you scale down for low usage periods or scale up immediately to meet unexpected surges in demand.

More flexible access

Your admins and users can access the oneclick management console as well as personal desktops and applications from anywhere with any device over an internet connection..

Improved security

With our oneclick PaaS, we are responsible for securing the infrastructure. in addition to state-of-the-art security standards, we operate our own Security Operation Center (SOC).

This is what you can achieve with the oneclick™ Application Deployment Platform – like numerous other enthusiastic customers

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Productivity increase in on- & offboarding employees

Gain more time for projects and the
individual needs of users

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Savings in
IT expenditure

Transfer the savings to your
core business

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Availability of the
oneclick™ platform

Make sure your employees
can work all the time

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Adherence to

Don’t worry about data protection
and security

“A well thought-out solution for infrastructure and application deployment with a motivated and competent team that has helped us increase our competitiveness.”

Daniel Veldensteyn, Managing Director, Tilch Group, Care Provider, 350 Employees


Web-based delivery of
Windows application

Become independent of your
customers´ systems



Reduction in
deployment times

Shorten your coordination

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Investments in

Pay for resources only when
you need them

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Savings of project-related total operating costs

Optimize your value

“The solution we initially used for web-based delivery of our Windows applications for training purposes has in the meantime become the new cloud offering for our customers.“

Dr. Lukas Kleppin, Head of Professional Services, VertiGIS GmbH, Software Developer, 400 Employees



Faster project

Reduce your effort and ensure
more satisfied customers




Realize projects without dedicated deployments



Cloudification in IT
renewal cycles

Support digital



Product Packages

Differentiate yourself from
the competition

“We have already migrated several customers to oneclick™ to provide them with custom Cloud PCs.“

René Lenze, Procurator, office company group, 35 employees

Our solutions to deliver software from central servers to users easily, quickly and securely

Blur the lines between cloud and on-premises.

Everything you need for application deployment

Orchestrate server infrastructure, establish backend connectivity to other systems, install and update software applications, manage users, define groups and roles, provide secure access, train your employees and enable collaboration – all in one easy-to-use and modular platform.

It is usually a long way to assemble individual infrastructure components to fully operational and productive workplaces for your users. With oneclick™ you connect a complete and instantly available platform service with the cloud provider you trust. You can also connect your own on-premises resources.

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Simplify the deployment of virtual desktops or individual applications for distributed teams, home office and mobile users. The oneclick™ platform offers all the features for setup, operation and scaling. Take care yourself or let us manage your IT environment.

device access windows via

Enable a consistent user experience of your software application(s), whether from the office, at home, or on the road. Use our streaming solution for 100% web-based access or use our client as an easier and more secure alternative to VPNs.

device use of lms and collaboratoin

After the technical deployment of your software, users should be able to work with it productively. That’s why the oneclick™ digital workplaces include a fully-fledged learning management system (LMS) and tools for collaboration and communication.

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satisfied customers
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connected and
selectable data centers
globally distributed
streaming locations
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Administrate like a Pro

Fast application deployment without extensive IT knowledge. See how it works and why oneclick™ has won numerous awards.

Load balancing / autoscaling of (cloud) resources

Software updates directly out of oneclick™

Easy Active Directory

Automated execution of Windows tasks

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"We were able to bring our application to the cloud via Lift & Shift without any additional development effort.“
landingpage image thomas
Thomas Seltz-Kurzweg, Account Manager, G&W Software AG, Software Vendor
g und w softwar ag
"Our employees can access SAP from any location and with any device via internet browser.“

landingpage image adam
Adam Dubielecki, Director, TLI Group, Management Consulting
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"We provide enterprise applications to our external service centres securely and without local installation."
image matthias
Mathias Schmidt, Head of Sales Operations, GmbH, Germany’s largest vehicle market

Your partner for tested and guaranteed security

The oneclick™ platform with its Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) and our management system with its ISO 27001 certification meet the highest standards in terms of cyber-attack resilience, data protection and compliance.

What else it takes for holistic application deployment


Would you prefer to outsource your IT altogether? We are happy to take care of the deployment, configuration, security, maintenance and updating of your IT. Indirect channel models can also be implemented together with resellers.

Benefit from better purchasing conditions and audit-proof licensing through our partnerships with complementary software vendors such as Microsoft, Nvidia and Acronis for operating systems, graphic acceleration, anti-virus, backup & more.

Create best working conditions. Equip home office workplaces and new locations with the user-friendly end devices of our strategic hardware partners. Either at favorable purchase prices or as monthly leasing.

The difference to conventional technologies

vertical process for application deployment

Conventional application deployment technologies are complex to assemble, expensive and cumbersome to operate. oneclick™ is a complete and instantly available platform service with high technical value-added depth. The oneclick™ platform interacts with your selected cloud and on-premises infrastructure: Cost-effective, scalable and starting from 1 user.

Find out what professional analysts think about our market, about our vision and ability to execute.
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Guaranteed computing power for high performance users

Guaranteed performance for power users on virtual machines: oneclick™ platform now features single-user autoscaling


3 Cybersecurity Risks That Retailers Must Mitigate


Predicts 2024: build a sustainable and collaborative digital workplace infrastructure

Non-binding advice and trial

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