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Are you affected by a hacker attack and nothing is working anymore?

Fast recovery and ongoing protection – get your business back on track with oneclick™.

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Are you facing these challenges?

Loss of business data and its integrity

After a hacker attack, data security has been compromised. Critical business data is lost, manipulated or has fallen into the hands of cyber criminals.

Significant time and investment for recovery

Traditional IT structures often require significant amount of time and investment to physically replace damaged or compromised workstations. Recovery can take days or even weeks, resulting in noticeable business disruptions.

Loss of confidence among customers and business partners

A hacker attack not only damages the internal IT structure, but also has a massive impact on the image of your company. Customers and business partners doubt the reliability and security of any collaboration.

This is how oneclick™ supports you after a hacker attack

How oneclick™ supports you in smooth IT operations, even with a lack of skilled staff

encrypted streaming protects from maleware

Thanks to the delivery of applications via strongly encrypted streaming, maleware from infected end devices cannot penetrate the new environment.


A trunkey platform service for application deployment – easy to use for administrators and end users.


Flexible supplementary IT service management supports you during setup and ongoing operation.


An integrated Learning Management System (LMS) guarantees quick familiarization and continous help.

“When we became the target of a hacker attack, our entire business faced an unprecedented challenge. The fast and competent response from oneclick™ was a lifeline in the crisis. Within a very short time, we were able to rebuild our IT environment and ensure that our business operations could continue.”

Isaiah Meyer, Managing Director, Law Company, 40 Employees

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Answers to your most important questions

We understand your situation and offer a solution to help you deal with the challenges after a hacker attack.

How fast can oneclick™ deploy an IT environment?

Depending on the complexity, via oneclick™ you can set up a fully functional IT environment in a matter of hours to days. oneclick™ is an instantly available platform service for application deployment in the Public Cloud. There is no need to procure and configure physical hardware.

How does the setup work in oneclick™?

After chosing a VDI type and provisioning resources from integrated Cloud Providers via management console, you can install the required applications, import the last secure backups and grant access to selected users.

Can oneclick™ support me with the setup?

Our specialized Workplace Disaster Replacement team is trained exactly for such scenarios. Once you engage us, we proactively take over the entire setup and configuration of your IT environment. Turnkey packages are available for outsourcing IT service management during ongoing operations.

How does oneclick™ ensure that a virus does not spread further?

oneclick™ streams the applications to users, who can access them directly via browser from any end device with high encryption. Nothing needs to be installed on the end devices. Even from infected end devices, no malware can be transferred to the new cloud environment.

What else do I need to consider?

After a hacker attack, it is important not only to restore the IT environment quickly, but also to report the incident to the relevant reporting bodies and to hire a forensic expert to investigate the attack in detail.

What precautions can I take for the future?

With the following measures, you can protect your organisation in the best possible way against future hacker attacks: Professional server and end device protection, introduction of a reliable backup and disaster recovery strategy, employee training, multi-level authentication, network monitoring and regular security assessments.

Choose between six solutions, depending on your requirements

Defend yourself successfully against any hacker attack!

With oneclick™ you will be up and running again in a short time and prepared for the future.