2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Desktop as a Service

Productive use of flight times with oneclick

Many business travellers are following the current discussion about a potential ban of laptops on transatlantic flights and have many questions on this matter. Homeland Security has been tasked by the US government to establish if laptops should be banned from cabins on trips to the US. This would have disastrous consequences for the productivity of business travellers. This would also have an impact on airlines, who may experience a noticable decline in bookings.

The travellers‘ problems can be solved by using the oneclick™ Application Delivery and Streaming Platform. A special workspace in the browser enables mobile and secure access to all applications in use in a business. Users are able to access their workspace with any device. All they need is internet access as well as an HTML5 supported browser. By now, especially on transatlantic flights, every seat has its own in-built screen, which allows surfing on the internet free of charge. The user simply logs onto the oneclick™ web portal and gets direct access to their own personal workspace with all associated applications and data. This means that travellers no longer need their own devices to work on a plane.

Another advantage is security. Many business travellers are afraid of security problems when transporting laptops in the hold luggage as the devices are exposed to unauthorised access attempts or theft. The oneclick™ platform is protected from external attacks by a multi-layered security architecture. By working in a workspace in the browser, data is no longer kept on the devices as it remains securely stored on the company’s in-house servers.

Irrespective if the laptop ban is introduced or not – with oneclick™ your applications and data are protected and you can still access them at any time from any device worlwide. Users also benefit from a performant streaming protocol, which guarantees smooth working even with low bandwidths and when accessing from remote locations.

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