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Understanding Managed IT Services

oneclickTM simplifies IT provisioning for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) by providing a cloud platform that ensures consistent management across different deployment settings.

Managed IT Services and Cloud Managed Services are solutions for infrastructure that have various problems in managing not only structurally, but also the internal IT systems. Although it may not seem so, this type of problem affects a very large number of companies, from small businesses to prestigious companies in the market. Managed Service Provider (MSP) is the name given to this form of IT service provider.

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Outsourcing of all IT activities

In this management process, the company outsources all activities related to the management of the IT environment to a partner company. In this way, managers can concentrate on the core business and place all managed services in the hands of a specialized service.

Nevertheless, when looking for specialized managed services such as cloud services providers, or services in the cloud or hybrid cloud, it is advisable to research well to find a professional and capable team and IT function apart from the house that will provide quality services and generate maximum output for the entire organization. Continue reading this post to find answers to questions about IT managed services and how they can help your business.

IT Service Outsorucing


What are Managed IT-Services?

By using managed IT services, you can meet specific requirements, identify bottlenecks in your hybrid cloud environment or cloud computing, for example, and focus on improving processes thanks to high-quality service from one provider, mostly 24/7.

To do this, the contracted company monitors your company’s entire IT infrastructure and proposes solutions in support to overcome problems in managing the technological environment.

Basically, the Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) performs updates and backups, promotes security measures, creates reports, executes service desk and IT support, monitors tools, manages hybrid cloud, email security, and services, and provides information that answers questions about IT services. And all this in 24/7 real-time.

Was sind Managed IT-Services?

How can managed services improve a company’s IT infrastructure?

It is important to emphasize that IT managed services today remain and act preventively, i.e. they anticipate the resolution of problems that have not yet occurred. This is possible through the following routine:

  • Constant monitoring of the IT environment;
  • Mapping of processes;
  • Automating routine tasks;
  • Suggesting changes according to the needs of the business,
  • avoiding errors that could jeopardize the business.

Vorteile von Managed IT Service für Unternehmen

How do Managed IT Services work?

Managed It Services aim to connect all the activities of an organization that need to be managed according to quality, savings, and time parameters for operations.

This means that it is not only an area focused on the service to the customers end-users, but also that the company is informed by the provider about doubts, failures, or difficulties affecting the customers.

In addition, managed IT services encompass operational, technical, and people management aspects, such as private cloud, and offer a less reactive service delivery, instead of focusing entirely on delivering value to internal and external customers. The number of IT technology resources that are available range from hybrid cloud, email, security, backup, digitalization, and other IT services provided.

In summary, we can say that managed services aim at providing IT processes and services in optimal quality. We have to remember that IT service providers have to be in accordance with the needs and requirements of the respective company and thus be a great service provider.

Wie funktionieren Managed IT Services und Cloud Services

What are the key impacts and benefits that Managed IT Services generate for the business?

Managed services bring a number of indispensable benefits to the business that opts for this model. It is perfect for creating smarter and more effective routines that add productivity not only to information technology services but to the entire operation.

See in detail the benefits and impact Managed Services generate for infrastructure.

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Operational technology adoption and flexibility

The market today is increasingly dynamic and there can be many, unforeseen changes. The same phenomenon can occur with IT requirements at any level of the organization if you have a good vendor or provider at hand getting the things done to be done.

At present times, a certain definition may be necessary, but in the future, the focus of the IT operations may change and consequently, the importance of investing in a certain network may decrease and widen the range, but a whole new network at a different level may become more important.

The trend in technology solutions outsourcing is particularly strong in the implementation of digitization of IT support services, data, e.g. contracts, data storage, office 365, backup recovery, print services, and helps to increase the security and delivery of data through appropriate software. Finally, digitization software can ensure that archives and related data are only opened by authorized persons. Thus, it is possible to protect documents and data with a password.

Furthermore, since the files are stored in the cloud, the risk of loss and misplacement is eliminated. Even if the computer stops working and needs to be formatted, the document remains safe and intact and can be accessed from other devices.

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Scalability is not common in the standard model of business management. Therefore, they need to move to the managed services as a service model that is easily scalable and avoids the problems mentioned above – which have a drastic impact on the organization’s expenses. IT infrastructure becomes in times of customer experience focus a new role – the times where the end-user are willing to wait longer than 24h for their digital workspace are over forever.

Teams with IT professionals are assembled and IT solutions are brought in as and when required and in a flexible manner, ensuring that requirements are met as and when they arise.

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Increased focus on the business through working with a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

The focus of the Managed IT Service business is fundamentally on providing the best possible structure in technology for the end-user 24/7. When the traditional management model is chosen, several problems arise in terms of focus.

The team can end up wasting a lot of timing doing maintenance and updates, not to mention weak service delivery due to lost timing in finding the root cause of the various issues that arise with each contractor.

With managed IT services, some of this is recovered along with the preventive approach, which allows the IT pro team to always be free to support, search for new technologies and develop new products to offer to the market, for example.

The contractor’s team and leaders must also be committed to your operation in the best possible way. This allows you to develop internal services solutions for business growth and operations, and performance, such as logistics software, ERPs, security, backup, business analysis, etc…

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Team Development in the Managed Service

In addition to IT solutions, new technology tools for every level are constantly coming onto the market. More and more new technology suppliers, besides Microsoft and VMware, are entering the market. However, having a team that is 100% focused only on support levels and maintenance means that they do not have enough time to deal with these changes. This way, the team no longer sees new technologies and services that could potentially be implemented.

With a managed IT service, you have very competent, trained, and productive professionals who are responsible for the IT services partner routines and ensure competitiveness and the quality of the services provided.

The composition of the Managed Service IT team and the integration of the services are implemented exactly according to the needs of the LLC or AG.

If you already have an IT team, you should know that Managed Service supports your development. Imagine that your staff is always focused on maintenance, for example.

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How does a business benefit from outsourcing IT resources?

Because businesses are so busy with their core business, it is difficult to keep up with the new tools, managed services, and cloud solutions services that could emerge and be implemented in the business in times of digital transformation.

Because managed services take care of providing maintenance and updates of their clients, such as with the private cloud, company employees have more time to devote to training.

It should also be remembered that more qualified professionals generate a better quality of managed services offered and thus greater competitiveness in the market.

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Cost reduction through good outsourcing services

Finally, we have one of the main benefits of a Managed Services Provider (MSP), which is cost reduction and liquidity increase through a fixed monthly subscription model. We know, especially cloud solutions are IT resources that are a budget-friendly service.

However, investing in technology service providers can come at a high price, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. But did you know that managed services can maintain the structure with lower costs? This is a great advantage for contractors.

Another point where managed services help reduce costs is this: imagine that your business is reactive, not proactive. So think about what you spend more on: preventing a problem or the need to solve it?

Usually, the second situation requires more resources, doesn’t it? For this reason, you can reduce costs by hiring fully managed services that work on error prevention, which is very beneficial for the financial health of your organization and its missions.

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Managed cloud services delivered by a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Using a cloud server service is a type of service provider that generates good work with resource management, as a cloud service requires some monitoring.

Monitoring is not only time consuming, but often requires intervention in security processes such as backups, patch management, upgrades, configurations, application installations, and so on.

Managed cloud is an option that usually comes with the cloud server to meet these needs. With a managed cloud, your hosting service will have a specialized team looking after all areas of the server and its security to ensure the complete stability of your website and server through monitoring, for example.

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When should you hire Managed Service Providers (MSPs)?

As you have seen, managed IT service is very beneficial but is it really necessary for your company?

What is the current situation of the IT department in the company? Is it effective? Is it able to satisfy the clients and customers? Is there room for improvement of business operations that your team cannot manage?

Remember that poorly managed IT has a direct impact on the quality and security of your services. Therefore, reviewing the performance of managed services of the industry available to any business is critical. Further information about service providers as service providers is important to make accurate decisions about the performance of the service offering within a business.

Finally, it is relevant to check whether the business needs of your organization are reactive or proactive. If it is the first option, it is important to have professional managed services to change this picture by providing high-quality service.

Well-defined service providers not only help the LLC or AG in big cities like London or New York to prevent problems through managed services but also teach SME managers and employees all over the country the need to act preventively.

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oneclickTM provides the cloud platform for MSPs to simplify the provisioning of infrastructure, applications, and services

The platform ensures modern IT and consistent management, whether systems are running at the customer’s premises, the service provider maintains its own data center, or managed services are provided in a public cloud.

managed service provider (MSP)

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