2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Desktop as a Service

Homeoffice demand and travel restrictions are also changing corporate IT

Who would have thought that the subject of the homeoffice would suddenly become so much in the public eye? In times in which homeoffice is increasingly in demand and travel is restricted, oneclick™ enables companies to offer their employees mobile workspaces immediately and to activate them within a few hours.

Working from homeoffice with oneclick™

Every company and every employee thinks at least once briefly about what this actually means for them personally. The legal situation is clearly regulated: https://www.acas.org.uk/acas-publishes-new-advice-on-handling-coronavirus-at-work

Ernst & Young, for example, asked 1,500 employees to work from home.

Homeoffice instead of travelling

Other companies are pondering how they can technically enable their employees to have secure mobile access to business applications and data. Usually it is necessary to set up a “project” internally to set up such a homeoffice infrastructure. In many other companies, it can take up to two weeks to set up a high-quality homeoffice workspace based on the software used in the company.

With oneclick™, companies can provide their employees with a digital workspace for flexible and mobile working, 100% web-based within a few hours. For example, employees’ workstations can become mobile workspaces at the push of a button via Active Directory.