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Workspace users get their working environment back

Multi-Stream View in the oneclick Workspace

Most users structure their work via the desktop of the operating system. If they can’t find their familiar work environment, productivity suffers. With the Multi-Stream View, the oneclick Workspace gets a desktop in the desktop-look-and-feel in a single page web app in the browser. It combines all apps – regardless if access is via VDI, SaaS, Remote App or AS400 – and enables parallel working in the browser, thereby removing the biggest hurdle for workplace virtualisation.

Many companies are familiar with this situation: After introduction of a virtual workspace, staff satisfaction decreases. “The main reason for this dissatisfaction is that users no longer know their way around the new workspace as they lose an important tool with the operating system“, explains Florian Bodner, CIO of oneclick AG. This is no surprise as many users optimise ‘their own desk’ by scaling programme windows, arrange them next to each other or organise how they access applications and data. “When the ‘desk’ looks different, this then irritates many staff. Productivity goes down as well as acceptance of the new solution“, comments Florian Bodner. Therefore, employee resistance leads to the end of many desk top virtualisation projects.

The Multi-Stream View by oneclick™ has been specifically designed from the user’s perspective, bringing a central element of a traditional desktop into the browser. Despite an increasing number of devices and a great variety of applications, the workspace creates a unified, simple and intuitive desktop. It works without plug-in and without having to administer or make virtual workspaces available in the cloud or on servers. After receiving application streams from oneclick, users can then scale these like windows and position them in any order. Finally, it is also possible to use the clipboard between the individual applications in the workspace, so that ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ works just as it does in the familiar desktop environment.

This is how Multi-Stream View by oneclick™ works

Within a single browser tab as a “Single Page Web App”, the oneclick™ Workspace enables access to centrally hosted applications, which may be available either in companies’ data centres or as a cloud or web service. All applications can be easily operated via the central interface in the browser. They are streamed onto the user’s workspace through the oneclick™ platform. oneclick™ operates 100% web-based. There is no need to install clients or plug-ins onto devices to enable remote access.

It is irrelevant, if the operator uses a notebook, tablet or smartphone for access. The oneclick™ Workspace is able to expand across the screen and adjusts itself to the individual device. Specific functions facilitate working with mobile devices, such as the display of a virtual keyboard. It is also very easy to work on two different monitors. Applications from various sources are opened in different windows. They can be moved about freely and organised on the desktop in the browser. While changing the size of the windows, a continued adjustment of each streamed environment takes place.

Secure and performant – the advantages of the oneclick™ solution

“The advantages of the desktop in the browser are evident”, says Dominik Birgelen, CEO of oneclick AG. “If users have no access to their personal device – or during defect, loss or theft, then they can immediately use any other device. After renewed log-in, they simply continue where they previously left off.“

“Working with oneclick™ increases security considerably“, adds Mathias Meinke, CTO at oneclick and responsible for the architecture of the innovative platform. “Sensitive data and information is no longer kept on the device, but remains secure within the respective hosting location. Only an encrypted stream as an image of the target environment reaches the device. The system transmits control signals back to the application. Our platform separates the underlying infrastructure reliably from the internet via a lock keeper principle. Authentication is exclusively in the backend. Unlike other comparable solutions – the device and platform no longer exchange sensitive data.“

Florian Bodner adds: “We have developed our own streaming protocol, which can operate with low bandwidth. The user experiences no speed difference in comparison to working on a local PC. And businesses do not require dedicated, expensive high speed connections.“

oneclick™ is an integrated application delivery and streaming platform. It can be added as a layer above any existing infrastructure and includes complete user and licence management functionalities. New workspaces can be set up within seconds. Applications are assigned to or withdrawn from users simply, quickly and securely. Login rules for access can be defined in such a way that users can only access, for example, their workspace environment only from an approved network. As a standard, the oneclick™ Workspace comes with a 2-factor authentication to ensure identity of authorized users.