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Windows 10 provided directly from the Cloud

[oc_spacer height=”15″]Using the oneclick™ Cloud Resource Manager, you can now provide Windows 10 Images in Microsoft Azure on dedicated virtual machines for individual users. After installing the required software on the client operating system, the imaging function of oneclick™ allows the creation of easily replicable images. Therefore individual employees, different departments and even the entire company are, in a few steps, equipped with tailored as well as standardised cloud resources.

Furthermore, the Cloud Resource Manager has extensive features, such as an in-built scheduler. With its help, schedules can be stored according to which virtual machines are automatically started and stopped according to their usage behavior. Therefore, the Scheduler represents an ideal tool for cost optimisation of cloud infrastructure.

Due to its simple administration and high degree of automation, the Cloud Resource Manager reduces time and effort for set-up and administration. The complexity of the cloud provider is reduced to a minimum and user are offered an easy-to-use interface.

“With Windows 10 directly from the cloud and the new imaging, our Cloud Resource Manager has a value adding range of functions, which will be expanded even further in the coming year“, says Florian Bodner, CIO of oneclick AG. “We will continuously drive its development.“

Software Vendors can Operate their Windows 10 Software in the Cloud

Software vendors can operate their Windows 10 software in the cloud using the oneclick™ Cloud Resource Manager and instantly roll it out worldwide to different organisations and users. In this way, software vendors improve their scope through web-based delivery of their native applications and can implement subscription-based service models.

System Integrators Enable Hybrid Workspace Concepts

New business opportunities also arise for managed service providers. With the Cloud Resource Manager and integrated imaging, sold end devices can be complemented with a hybrid workspace. Microsoft 365 licences are hereby refined with a virtual machine in the cloud.

Those applications and data, which the users would like to use locally, remain on a physical computer. The virtual machine in the cloud is the location for all such applications and data, which the user wants to access from anywhere using any end device. It is only the customer, who determines where applications and data is filed and operated.