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Latest release from oneclick™ Platform now available

[oc_spacer height=”15″]The intensive development work of recent months has paid off. This is the consistent opinion of the partners, who have already tested the latest release of the Workspace Provisioning and Streaming Platform. The functionalities, operability and application possibilities are “completely renewed, improved and embellished”, according to systems integrators that provide their customers with individualised digital workspaces via the web-based oneclick™ platform.

One example is the new administration area, which is now much more convenient to use. User-defined access policies can be added more easily and groups can be created more flexibly than before to “facilitate user and application management in complex organizations,” explains Florian Bodner, CIO of oneclick AG.

Administration oneclick™ Platform

The renewed Cloud Resource Manager also features increased functionality: In addition to the automated creation of new cloud resources on IaaS platforms, systems integrators (or their customers) now also have the option of reading out existing resources, managing them within the oneclick™ platform – and assigning them to the workspaces of the desired users.

Process Automation and Design Flexibility of oneclick™ Platform

On the cost side, improvements have also been reported: Adjustable event profiles for the start and stop of resources optimize consumption; in addition, the Cloud Resource Manager now also displays the prices of available virtual machines.

The new Single Sign-On, which can integrate external SSO providers and enables login via Azure AD or other third-party tools, provides greater user convenience and increased security. Users can log in to oneclick™ with their existing password (e.g. that for Office 365) and gain access to all stored applications for which no further login process is necessary, as authentication takes place automatically.

Another major innovation is that users can open several apps with oneclick™ in their own browser tabs and thus – even in multi-monitor operation – work with them. The optimised streaming protocol ensures significantly shorter loading times.

In order to strengthen the loyalty of employees to their company, oneclick can replace the logo and the entire background of the workspaces with a desired customer design on request. This white labelling offers customers the highest level of customisation of their workspaces.

However, the new version of oneclick™ also offers significant added value for software vendors. The automated ordering and provisioning process for third-party software (such as Sage), including price calculation, should be mentioned here above all. For software vendors, oneclick™ can map all license models, access restrictions, etc. and also has an API that can communicate with third-party systems.

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