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oneclick™ Drive integrates Enterprise Storage

[oc_spacer height=”15″]With the latest release, the features of the oneclick™ Drive have been significantly expanded. Apart from general stability improvements, from now on companies are able to integrate their own enterprise storage, e.g. SMB Shares, from various server locations and access it centrally. This allows companies to implement scenarios, where the operation of applications is transferred to the cloud to reduce costs and increase flexibility, while sensitive data remains stored locally in their own data centre and under complete control. With the oneclick™ Drive, all files required for work are therefore at any time securely accessible via the browser, no matter where they were stored.

As part of the latest release, the entire user interface of the oneclick™ Drive was fundamentally redesigned. The new design enables intuitive operation and a productive workflow – even during mobile use. Files can be easily moved via drag-and-drop from the end device into the oneclick™ Drive as well as connected enterprise drives.

The oneclick™ platform ensures that – apart from the data – applications can be provided from any server location in a user-friendly workspace in the browser. This allows working completely independently of location, time and device. The only requirement is internet access and an HTML5 supported browser.