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Make phone calls 100% via the browser with oneclick™ without VPN and softphones and maximize security

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a modern communication protocol that is widely used today in audio and video communication and is in use at a large number of call centers worldwide. SIP has spread so quickly and widely because of its simplicity and flexibility. At the same time, the requirements for security and data protection with regard to the following topics are even particularly high:

  • Authentication: Protection against unauthorized access
  • Confidentiality: protection of exchanged information from third parties
  • Integrity: ensuring the integrity of incoming information

Calling via oneclick

oneclick™ enables the use of configurable SIP proxies to securely forward a SIP connection established via the web browser either directly to the company’s SIP server (if one exists) or to make a protocol change from SIP to another telephony protocol if the company uses another protocol.

The use of an oneclick™ SIP proxy has the following advantages:

  • The telephony connection is established via oneclick™ in the end user’s browser to our SIP proxy, which then establishes the connection to the SIP server of your telephone system. The oneclick™ SIP proxy provides login information and authorization data, i.e. the call center agent is automatically authenticated on the SIP server and makes 100% phone calls via the browser.
  • Besides the SIP protocol, various other protocols are supported, which further increases flexibility.
  • The oneclick™ SIP proxy makes it unnecessary to expose your own telephony servers to the dangers of the public internet. Protection is very easy to achieve by whitelisting the oneclick™ SIP proxy. The legitimation chain from oneclick™ via the SIP proxy to your telephony server is continuous, which massively increases security.
  • oneclick™ can automatically authenticate SIP users by performing the necessary authentication on the telephony server using our SIP proxies. The user only knows his own oneclick™ credentials. The credentials for the telephony server are neither known to the user nor do they have to be stored locally in a softphone configuration. They are also not transferred insecurely to the web frontend of the telephony software’s user interface, as is the case with other SIP solutions.
  • oneclick™ can also guarantee low latencies, as our proxies are fixed in place.
  • Client-to-site VPN connections, e.g. from the home office, are no longer necessary. This is covered centrally between the oneclick™ platform and the target system via a site-to-site connection.


To use the oneclick™ SIP stack including SIP proxy, a telephony server is required that supports either SIP or a similar protocol and allows authentication via credentials or a unique identifier (except for local IP addresses of the end clients).

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