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Digital workspace in the browser: oneclick™ mentioned in recent analyst report on best practices for technology experience management

The oneclick™ digital workspace in the browser is one of the solutions cited in the April 2021 report “Best Practices: Technology Experience Management” by market research company Forrester. The report shows how companies can improve the user experience of their employees through innovative technologies and automated processes.


oneclick™ devices

Technology experience management

According to Forrester, “The right technology is key to greater employee engagement”. In their recently published report, the well-known market research company therefore devotes itself to the topic of “technology experience management”. To identify the best practices for improving the user experience, Forrester spoke with numerous technology leaders in various companies.

The findings are clear: technology with a good user experience leads to better business results, for example by improving resilience thanks to remote access to central corporate resources, fewer security breaches and lower costs. Companies improve the technology experience by, for example, moving business applications to the cloud, enabling bring-your-own-device (BYOD), and generally investing in technologies that help employees do their daily work in a useful way.

oneclick™ App-streaming

Making apps available to employees via web browser

Forrester writes, “If an app isn’t cloud-ready, virtualization can provide a stopgap by enabling employees to access it through a web browser.” The report mentions oneclick’s customers’ use of digital workspaces for delivering graphics-intense apps to users, improving performance and scalability.

According to Forrester, a major challenge when introducing new technologies is to ensure that employees adopt them easily and quickly. Forrester recommends change management that focuses on employees. Also important are actively selling the vision and consistently soliciting feedback.

Keeping up technologically through continuous improvements

Technologies in employees’ everyday work are constantly changing, driven by improvements in SaaS applications, operating systems and management tools. Forrester’s conclusion, therefore, is that continuously improving the digital user experience requires a long-term focus. Find out what measures can help you achieve this in the report: