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unival group and oneclick accelerate physical security checks by a factor of 25

Until now, scanning people, luggage and cars at airports and border stations, but also in prisons, schools, industrial plants, distribution centres, sports and event arenas has been complex, expensive and a lengthy process. unival offers a wide range of integrated security control systems for these applications. The imaging security scanners, which unival implements as a complete solution, are operated by trained specialists who evaluate the scans on site.

unival Scanner

To increase efficiency, unival’s control systems were to be connected to the cloud so that they could be operated and processed by specialised operators and image analysts at different locations. The problem here is that large image files have to be transferred via the Internet to achieve the desired productivity gains. Imaging security scanners can generate files several hundred MB in size per scan based on the specific requirements. With high-resolution vehicle scans and the use of several sensors, even more than 1GB of data volume can be generated. The available bandwidths often lead to long waiting times.

unival screening

To solve the problem, unival relies on the oneclick™ platform. oneclick has developed a special streaming technology for the remote use of software applications and data, in which only encrypted image information is transmitted to the user and control signals are transported back again. The applications and data themselves never leave the data processing location.

oneclick™ Platform

What is used by many companies as an intelligent solution for delivering their software applications and data to mobile users and distributed locations can now also be used ideally in the security-sensitive area of unival. With the streaming protocol of oneclick™ up to 60 frames per second can be transmitted via the Internet. Compared to commercially available network protocols, oneclick™ can reduce the bandwidth required for a 4K video from 50 Mbit to up to 2 Mbit per user without any noticeable loss of quality. This makes it possible to operate imaging security control systems, such as a baggage scanner on the ground floor of a building, from a central command center.

unival scan

“Next to the technological innovation, the high security standards of the platform, which the managed service provider Sopra Steria takes care of, were decisive for the cooperation with oneclick”, says unival managing director David Vollmar. In addition to the technological security that the oneclick™ platform already brings with it, a team of cyber experts ensures a high level of operational security. Sopra Steria’s integrated cyber services include continuous threat analysis, penetration testing and planning to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery of the oneclick™ platform.

oneclick™ CaaS

With oneclick™, security can be organised much more cost-effectively and easily at unival and its customers. The streaming method guarantees compliance with strict security requirements, while at the same time ensuring high mobility and flexibility. The partners involved see a worldwide potential of several 100,000 users for the joint solution due to the diverse application scenarios. “For future logistics applications, the speed and processing of the data will have a considerable influence on real-time handling,” says Vollmar with conviction. “The faster and less lossy the processing, the more checks can actually be performed. So, the new formula is time is money is security, because current figures clearly show that a large proportion of illegal merchandise is made possible by the absence of controls. The shorter the processing time per check, the more checks can be carried out logically. Thus, the use of oneclick™ de facto enables more and better security checks to be carried out.”

About unival group® GmbH

unival group® GmbH is a group of companies based in Germany that specializes in the protection of governments and companies. With more than 20 years of experience in high-risk areas and emerging markets around the world, unival group designs and manufactures networked, innovative security solutions for the protection of industry and government. unival operates in more than 50 countries around the world through specially selected and trained unival distributors who represent a multi-level security philosophy.